Who Will Win Fantastic Celebrity Best Actress at Next Year’s Oscars?


It is a fool’s errand to crown an Oscar winner at the fall before a number has to be published. However, if the Toronto International Film Festival viewers gave an effusive standing ovation into Renée Zellweger at the premiere of Judy, it felt like they had picked Best Actress, other films are damned.

Standing ovations are rarer for TIFF than they’re for, say, Cannes, and the only for Zellweger felt to be an affirmation not just of a fantastic celebrity’ return to form, but of her unstoppable awards storyline.


Obviously, she’ll have competition, but the fight this season is most likely going to take place on the side. As of now: Renée has it. But let us run down that might usurp her early throne for the Best Actress prize at the 2020 Oscars.

At this point, I am reluctant to see anybody stopping the train that is the Zellwegaissance; Zellweger’s performance in Judy really is that striking. She plays Judy Garland in the close of the entertainer’s life, hobbled by years of alcohol and drug abuse that was inflicted on her from the Hollywood studio system in her youth.

Zellweger resists a belief of Garland, honing in on her body’s brokenness, but pinpoints her inherent talent’s flicker. It’s a role. Since Garland, Zellweger sings and performs musical amounts live, while at exactly the same time contorting her gate to match Garland’s recognizable stance.

There’s also a meta-story that’s irresistible: Judy graphs Garland’s attempts to make a comeback while Zellweger mounts her own. For three decades, spanning from 2002 to 2004, Zellweger was a repeat Oscar nominee, culminating in her Supporting Actress win for Cold Mountain. After she was victorious, she was in a series of underwhelming films like Miss Potter, and eventually took a six-year break away from acting, starting in 2010.

When she returned with Bridget Jones’ Baby in 2016, she suffered sexist coverage from tabloids and mainstream publications speculating about changes to her appearances. With Judy she will undeniably impressive function, reclaiming her location at the Hollywood stratosphere. It will be loved by the Academy.