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Who the F9 cast want to join the franchise

The movie will be hitting the theatres in May 2020 but it does not mean that we can’t have fun planning for the next entry in the franchise.

MTV International was able to wrangle Diesel, Michelle, Ludacris, and Jordana after the concert performance-slash-trailer-reveal for F9 and ask them what their dream actor pick up would be for the last film.

From a franchise built on wish fulfillment, it almost feels dangerous to just let the actors vocalize who they want to include in the franchise, lest that particular magic they all appear to wield make their choices manifest before them.

They have got Helen Mirren, Dwayne Johnson, and Jason Statham to not only show up but join the franchise for more than one outing, after all.
Diesel’s choice was the illustrious Dame Judi Dench.

This might sound odd but Diesel already charmed her into appearing in another one of his movies, The Chronicles of Riddick. Dench gave an interview and told about how Diesel convinced her to make time for his little sci-fi adventure.

Many fans may also know that the set of Chronicles of Riddick is apparently where Vin taught Dench how to play Dungeons and Dragons, which she has since gone onto teaching her grandchildren.

Michelle wants a serious actor. She thinks Matt Damon is the best according to her choice. Yes, the fast saga does indeed reach for the melodrama early and often but Matt Damon was an egomaniacal angel in Dogma once upon a time. He does heist movies and several fast movies that fit that description and the fans loved him.

Ludacris makes a bet on Denzel Washington. The Oscar-winning actor has more than enough action film credits. He would make a good anti-Dom TOrretto; perfectly no-nonsense. He is the best when he does a badass character.

Jordana suggests Marion Cotillard. She is a French actress. She played in the movie Dark Knight rises and she was awesome so, Jordana thinks that she could fit in the franchise. Fans have always loved her.



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