Who is Westworld Hiding inside Charlotte Hale’s body?


Since the end of the Westworld Season 2 has made it clear that somebody is impersonating Charlotte Hale, the murderous Delos executive and double agent for the company known as Incite.

That character is hiding inside a body that looks like Charlotte, which means that Tessa Thompson remains an integral part of the cast in the third season, but which character is she playing, exactly?

Who is Westworld Hiding inside


Since the beginning Teddy and Dolores paired partner, a sweet gunslinger whose programmed dark past did not keep him from trying to connect with her. Whoever is inside her body, Dolores feels extremely comfortable with them.


Whoever is inside Charlotte’s body definitely began life as a Westworld native, which means Clementine fits the bill. More important, Clementine’s status remains undefined as of now. Is that because Dolores smuggled her memory core off the island and now she is hiding in Charlotte’s body?

Peter Abarnathy

Dolores has a tremendous amount of empathy for the personality inside Charlotte, and who would she say she knows better than her father figure?

The Man In Black aka William

William is a violence- driven, business savvy, and his data was definitely available to Delos, thanks to decades of visits to the park.


Maeve is not afraid to cause mayhem and murder, and she and Dolores knows each other very much.


Who knows yourself better than yourself? As a refresher: Wyatt is the host personality who was grafted onto Dolores to deliver ultra-violence on the creator of Westworld as well as its shareholders. Dolores is comfortable with that kind of violence because Wyatt has been integrated into her programming for about six years. She would also trust a version of herself, of course. And the fact that Charlotte had murdered the man threatening her son is the third episode, indicates that she does not flinch at the idea of death.


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