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Who is The Last Of Us Part 2’s Characters Mirror Nathan Drake

The last of Us Part 2 and Uncharted are both Naughty Dog’s production and are taken as one of the best games to be ever made. The first impression of the game while playing The last of the US was that the characters were very similar to Nathan Drake (the lead character of Uncharted). 

Ellie and Abby both the lead protagonists in The last of Us 2 are similar to Nate.

Both of the characters justify their horrible actions as a necessary evil to attain vengeance. However, this lust for vengeance soon becomes an obsession similar to Nathan’s.

In the case of Abby since Joel killed her father to save Elle and himself. She obtains this goal early on in the story. However, the milestone she had dreamed of doesn’t seem to resolve her trauma.

In Ellie’s case, her obsession in The Last of Us 2, towards Joel is understandable as he is the one who saved her.

Throughout the game, as players play the character they understand her rage and strength as she gets more and more outrageous towards Joel’s killer. She thought of him as a father and she couldn’t bear his loss.

The Last Of Us Part 2


Ellie wanted to bring Justice to Joel’s killer and she started her quest to make those people suffer who harmed her father figure. Along the way, a lot of her companions get hurt, but her rage for vengeance took her further in her goal.

This state of mind, where vengeance is controlling you, in the series, Uncharted Nate took all his decisions keeping in mind the revenge he had to take for his loss. Hence it is quite true that Nate and Elle are similar in many ways.

Coming back to Ellie, her relationship with Dina was also tested due to her ruthless behavior. In the end, she finally let’s go of her hatred and spared Abby in the ruthless ending, Dina and J.J exit her life. 

She lost Joel and them she lost all her friends in the pursuit of vengeance, ultimately she had to give up everything.



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