Who Is Billie Eilish’s New Boyfriend? Is Billie Really Dating with Matthew? Know Here!


Billie Eilish has indeed been photographed on a few coffee breaks and informal take a stroll with Mathew Tyler Vorce in recent years, leading admirers to speculate because she has a new lover.

Viewers are understandably curious about ‘Bad Guy’ musician’s current relationship because she is notorious for keeping her partnerships quiet, only openly disclosing her brief affair with Brandon Quention Adams, nicknamed Q, a year after they parted when her film The Worlds largest A Little Blurry premiered.


Although neither celebrity has publicly acknowledged their romance, they appeared to be getting along in the first photos of them together as they strolled her pet dog Sharks – she even put her head on Matt’s shoulders at one time.

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Who is Matthew Tyler Vorce?

Vorce is a Los Angeles-based performer and screenwriter. He has acted in movies such as Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?, Little Monsters, and Dark Hours: Typee, in addition to doing a lot of theatrical and voiceover works. Matthew is said to be 29 years of age, making him ten years elder than his rumored current girlfriend Billie.

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Is Billie Really Dating with Matthew?

Billie hasn’t announced her and Matthew relationship, but devoted fans of the musician know she likes to keep her personal life out from the spotlight.

“I absolutely would like to keep [relations] secret,” she remarked in an interview with Roman Kemp on Capital Breakfast last year.

I’ve have relationships but I kept them secret, as well as the ones I’ve had, I regret the small bit of information I’ve shared with the public. I think of others who have declared their romances public and subsequently broken up, and I think to myself, “Maybe if it goes bad?”

After being photographed with Billie, Matthew apparently immediately made his Instagram profile private, but he eventually changed it back to open some few weeks later.

Billie, on the other hand, has yet to be found. Fans have also noted that he follows Maggie and Finneas, Billie’s mother and brother, on Instagram, and that they follow him back. You are free to interpret the data in whatever way you see suitable.

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Vorce was a very private person even before he became entangled in the social networking issue. His Instagram is still hidden — that was before the racist texts arose — and he no longer has a Twitter or Facebook profile.

Whenever Eilish and Vorce are pictured in publicly, they are almost always holding a cup of coffee. To maintain pace with the “Lovely” singer’s hectic schedule, he might need to be completely energized. In a December conversation, Eilish said that she prefers privacy in her interactions. “Actor,” as he describes himself a Writer.

Deterioration process” has been seeing the “Bad Guy” singer since early this year, but the couple wasn’t officially spotted together until April, when Page Six released exclusive photographs of the two cuddling in Santa Barbara, California.