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Where To Stream Hunter X Hunter Season 5




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Have you ever made your way through what is available to the stream of Hunter x Hunter on Netflix and now you’re looking to see when Hunter x Hunter season 5 will probably be dropping on the stage? Then you’ve come to the right location!

We know it’s hard waiting on the latest season of a series you’ve fallen in love with, but the thing about Hunter x Hunter season 5 there are no waiting necessary. While the series itself was on a hiatus for some decades, the season you’re looking for is already finished.

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Unfortunately, however, it is not on Netflix. We do not know when, or in the event, season 5 of Hunter x Hunter will be making its way to the streamer.

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The first 3 seasons of the series were assumed to be leaving the stage on March 7. But as of March 30, seasons 1-3 are still available to flow on Netflix, so we’re not positive whether a departure from the streamer remains in the cards for Hunter x Hunter.

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Hunter X Hunter Season 5

But we do understand where you’re able to continue the experiences of Gon and his pals.

Where To Stream Hunter X Hunter Season 5

The rest of Hunter x Hunter’s story is available to stream on HBO Max, though the series is not divided into seasons as it’s on Netflix. Therefore, if you’re looking to continue moving from season to season or, more accurately, from arc to arc, they won’t be possible in the format you are used to.

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We can tell you the Chimera Ant arc (or season 5) spans 61 episodes, beginning with episode 76 from the show, “Reunion × and × Understanding.”

Fans of Hunter x Hunter may also expect to complete the action-adventure anime on HBO Max. While season 6, also referred to as the Election Arc, isn’t the official ending of the series, it’s the point where the anime has ceased for now.

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The animated series and the manga for Hunter x Hunter are on an elongated hiatus-though there has been some fascinating news concerning a possible return sometime in the future.

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