Where is Fauda Season 3 filmed? Where is its location?


Fauda Season 3 Filming Locations: Fauda is an intense and action-packed Israeli series which first aired in the year 2015 and the series is the back with another power pack season 3 which released on April 16, 2020, on Netflix. The series which shows the experience of the Israel Defence Forces and particularly the Mista’arvim unit. So, here is all what you need to know related to the series and its shoot location.

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Fauda Season 3, which is being released already on Netflix is a 13 episode long web series. The dialogue of the series is being written in Arabic and Hebrew mainly and is totally set up in the Middle East, but still, the series is famous among the fans across the world.

Season 3 is filmed in the Gaze Strip, which is a Palestinian territory on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and borders Egypt and Israel. Israel allowed the flow of goods in and out of the country also permitted fishing zones for Gazans, this all happened in 2019. Also, thousands of Gazans were allowed to cross the borders and work in Israel.


The location of the third season has been changed from West Bank to Gaza Strip as told by one of the co-creators of the series Avi- Issacharoff to the Times of Israel. He said, “What we’re trying to do is more or less to keep the sense of ‘Fauda’… but to do it in a different way, to change something, not to continue with the same characters, to break the rhythm a little.”

Gaza is being governed by Hamas since 2007. Israeli territory separates Gaza and West Bank. The series shows the personal experience of its producers, including Lior Raz, and their time in the Israel Defence Forces. Fauda is a Hebrew word which means ‘Chaos’.

The main character is Doron Kavillio, the show mainly focuses on him so as to pose as a Palestian boxing instructor which will help him in getting into the Hamas Militant Group. the second producer of the show, Issacharoff. He was a journalist who covered the Nakba Protest in the West Bank town of Beitunia. talking to Jewish News, he shared his experience about the war-stricken zone and how he was once attacked by the mobs, he told that how he was surrounded by around stupid 25 people who hated Israel and he was the one Israeli there, that was the whole Fauda or chaos. The article also revealed that how the third part was filmed in Israeli – Arab town of Jisr az- Zarqa, where terrorists have built the tunnels.

One of the producer, Raiz wanted to make a film and another producer, Issacharoff wanted to make a movie about the experiences they had in the army, and then they approached to the main Israeli cable network named, Yes Network who agreed to show their series. The fans review regarding the show are really very good. Fans have considered it as a must-watch show.

The show has grabbed many prestigious awards such as Best Drama Series in Israeli Academy Awards 2016. also, this series was voted as Best International Show 2017 by The New York Times.

Fauda is definitely a must-watch and a very awesome series. Fauda is streaming on Netflix. You can go and watch the series.


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