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Where Are The Former American Horror Story Cast Members Now? What Are They Doing Nowadays?

Some of the shows change their stories as they move to the new season, and as the story changes its cast members also change. There is one show which suggests the same storyline. 

One of them is the American Horror Story anthology. The show premiered in the year 2011 as Murder House. 

Some actors have been back for almost every season, while some have only been around for one. So here is the list of some of the actors who don’t appear on the screen after few seasons.

John Lynch Carroll

The first and for most is none other than, John Carroll Lynch. Firstly, he appeared on screen in the season Freak Show as Twist The Clown. With the continuation of it, John Wayne Gacy came as the serial killer, and also return as creep clown in the seventh season, known as Cult.

Our sources say that nowadays john is up for some project in the year 2020. The actor is preparing himself for the role of John Dillinger in The Trial of the Chicago 7. Not only this, we will be able to witness him in The Big Sky. He has also recently completed a movie.

Connie Britton

Some faces don’t appear on the screen after the first season. Among them, one is Connie Britton. In the show, a beautiful lady played Vivien Harmon, a role of both a mother and a wife.

After that role, she appeared in the Apocalypse season. Recently, the actress completed the shoot of a movie titled Promising Young Woman coming out April 17, 2020, and Lola Bell in Good Joe Bell, which is set to come out later in 2020.

Zachary Quinto

You remember the character Chad Warwick from Murder House and Dr. Oliver Thredson from the second season. If yes, then you might be remembering the actor Zachary Quinto who played the role.

The actor is constantly playing the role of one of the iconic characters of Spock in Star Trek. 

One will also find him in The Boys in the Band as the shoot of the movie is already done and the post-production work is going on, right now. This will be coming to Netflix sometime this year.

Frances Conroy

One of the finest actresses, Francis Conroy is the one who appeared in the six seasons of the show. on American Horror Story Her first season was the Murder House. 

Best known for playing Ruth Fisher on the television series Six Feet Under. The work of Francis Conroy won her several awards, including a Golden Globe.

Jessica Lange

In the multiple shows of American Horror Story, we have noticed Jessica Lange in multiple roles. The queen of the anthology, Jessica Lange is mainly famous for her one of the characters in the show named Constance Langdon.

With the same name in the Murder House and Fiona Goode in Coven. But there is bad news for the lovers of Jessica Lange, in the upcoming season 10 of American Horror Story she will not be there.

As the actress is quite busy nowadays in the shoot of Netflix’s original series The Politician, playing Dusty Jackson.


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