When will Altered Carbon season 2 Release on Netflix? Who is in the cast?


With a brand new trailer, Altered Carbon will be back with its second run! The 10 episode season 1 is based on Richard K. Morgan’s novel bearing the same title. 

In this world, consciousness can be transferred. What could go wrong? And what better way to spice things up than a murder mystery? 


A former soldier now investigator, Takeshi Kovacs gets a new body to solve his murder.

Here is all we know about this upcoming cyberpunk drama.

Is there a season 2?

The answer is yes! This Netflix series is renewed for a new season in July 2018. Before it is released in 2020, re-watch all you can and catch up. Season 2 will be only eight episodes long.

Release Date

The showrunners have announced the release date on Twitter. Fans can clear their schedules on 27th February 2020 as that is the day the binge-watch begins.

The story so far

This visually pleasing sci-fi is based on the Richard K. Morgan novel of the same name. 

The story begins three centuries in the future where human memories and consciousness have been digitized called ‘cortical stack’. And here’s the catch, you can transfer it to different bodies called ‘sleeves’.

The story chronicles the events in the life of Takeshi Kovacs, the last of his kind (an envoy soldier which was part of a rebel group extinguished 250 years ago). 

He gets a chance of a lifetime by getting to solve his murder mystery. Helped by a rich fellow, although both the men are technically dead. 

Making use of this advanced society their digitized minds come together to solve this case.

Possibilities in the new season

Since it is based on a novel series, fans already have a wealth of information at hand to predict. 

The next two books – Broken Angels and Woken Furies provide a lot of many clues. If the season follows the books, the story might make a jump of 30 years into the future. 

One of the showrunners, however, has stated that they might deviate from the books to bring something new onscreen.

Getting behind the scenes

The filming undertook over eight months in Vancouver. In the initial run, Joel Kinnaman was the chosen protagonist. 

However, the new season is back with Marvel star Anthony Mackie. Simone Missick will be playing the expert bounty hunter Trepp. Dina Shihabi from Daredevil will play an out-of-work AI Dig 301 which assists archeologists.

Watch the trailer for all the hype!