When is Westworld Best Season 3 coming to HBO, Release Date, Cast, Plot And Trailer


Trailer for Westworld III was released in Comic-Con in July 2019. Aaron Paul, Jeffery Wright, Thandie Newton and Evan Rachel Wood presented the trailer.

Maeve enters a new world while Dolores and her fellow hosts are being hunted after their escape from humans.


The release is still unknown, but it will be out in 2020 (as the trailer suggests). Initial seasons had a gap period of 14 months so it will be safe to assume that season 2 and season 3 will also have a similar gap.

Johnathan Nolan spoke to Entertainment Weekly and told them that the show is of a bigger scale and size, and they want to expand it further, they want to be more ambitious.

HBO does not want to deliver a compromised version of what could be one of the best seasons.

Not many details about the season are released yet so it can be assumed like the first two seasons, there will also be 10-episodes in the third one.

Nolan said that he does not like to give the audience a cliffhanger because it leaves them hanging. He wants to conclude each season like it is a separate chapter. There might not be a cliffhanger, but the story is strong enough to bring the audience back for more.

The story progresses as Dolores and Bernard find themselves in “The Sublime”, a land free from humankind. William, The Man In Black, is a host-like creature, but Joy says that he cannot necessarily be called a host because he was not born that way.
Aaron Paul told The Independent that when the show was pitched to him, his mind was blown away. He was impressed.

He knew that the production is ambitious about the show and scale is bigger, but when he went to the set, he was awestruck and acted like a child at the set. He further says that the ending of the third season is insane.

Evan Rachel Wood and Thandie Newton will be back for the third season. The fate of the rest of the cast is still unclear. James Marsden may not appear after his character’s suicide.
The new face to the show is Aaron Paul, who describes his character as a construction worker with his robot George. Lena Waithe will also be in the cast.