When Is Venom 2 Releasing And What Are The Excitements?


The first part of Venom gained a lot of attention and popularity as well. when the movie was first released by Columbia Pictures the people and the viewers of the movie just became a fan of the character in the movie.

This movie has been a great hit in the superhero genre. The movie is based on Venom David Michelinie, and the story is written by Todd McFarlane.

When the movie first came out in the year 2018, it won the Taurus World Stunt Award for the best work with a Vehicle category. 

Then not only that along with that, it was also a very big part of the nominations for the Golden Trailer Awards, the Los Angeles Online Film Critics Society, then the MTV Movie, and many more.

The announcement for the Venom sequel already took place last year for the fans of the franchise. The whole thing was done by Sony, who is the head distributor of the movie.

Then the sequel of this movie was initially planned for October this year but then it was delayed by eight months. Then according to Sony, venom 2 will be releasing on 25th June 2021.

This means that the fans of the character and the franchise will have to wait for a long time.

Cast Of The Sequel

The cast of the coming movie will be remaining the same. All the first part characters and the roles played will be seen in the sequel of the movie.

And there are some rumors that in the sequel we will get to see Spider-Man who plays the role is Tom Holland.

So for now this is the news that has been given to us by some of the officials. We will also see Woody Harrelson in the sequel as the main villain as it is said so by the officials.