When is V Wars season 2 released on Netflix? What’s going to happen?


The first season of V War, the giant vampire epic, hit Netflix in December 2019, but fans are already hungry for details when they can expect a season two.

Netflix is no stranger to genre programming, but We Wars adopts Jonathan Maybury’s popular graphic novel series of the same name, putting an interesting spin on the vampire outbreak angle. 


Wee Wars sees a world that causes massive vampire infections due to ancient viruses and all things climate change.

Release date

It is not yet clear when the second season of V Wars will hit, but if the team is already placing bets on the second season, the first season will probably be completed by December 2020. ‘

We’re not heavy like other shows on War Netflix, but still require a significant amount of post-production work. In December of 2020 is not reached, it will not be out of the question for season two in early 2021

What’s new is next season

Season 2 will continue to adapt to the We Wars comics from where season one has been dropped. The series should follow the second comic anthology V Wars: Blood and Fire, then an uneasy peace created between humans and vampires will be shattered, and vampire war once again surrounds the world.

The second V Wars comic anthology with the main characters meeting in season one finale, introducing some new characters will not be surprising for the second season of the V War. 

Summerheader has spoken in interviews about an exciting new father and daughter duo who entered the picture. All these relationships will enhance and challenge the bond between humans and vampires as We Wars continues to tell its story.

Either way, more Ian Somerhalder, kills Gary Vampire and complicates the human-vampire relationship.