When is The Witcher released on Netflix? Cast, trailer and latest news


Netflix is trying its hand at “Game of the Thrones” with the new fantasy TV series The Witcher.

The eight-episode Netflix series is about Geralt, the novel series of Polish author Andrzej Sepowski’s Rivalia, based on a monster hunter (or witch) with supernatural powers.


It is played by Daredevil writer Lauren Schmidt Hisrich, who has drawn several heavyweight directors, including Alic Sakharov (Game of Thrones) and Charlotte Brandstrom (Outlander). Attacking also managed to land Henry “Superman” Cavill in the lead role.


Whatever you want to know about this The Witcher is in it.

 When The Witcher is going to release on Netflix. 

The Witcher is slated for release on Friday 20 December.

A tweet removed from the Netflix Netherlands account originally suggested that the show be released on Tuesday 17 December.

Henry Cavill shared a post on Instagram in July, At the same time, he has confirmed that the film is about to pack up. He wrote, “With the Witch of the Witcher has finally arrived.” “The cast and crew worked tirelessly, everyone pitched and brought their A-game to set and I’m more proud of you all.” She said she was changed to Geralt by her hair and makeup team at 3 in the morning.

 Is there a “The Witcher” trailer coming up?

Yes, Henry Cavill made his first appearance in the series at San Diego Comic-Con in July. This introduces us to his long-haired hero, Geralt.

Henry Cavill

 Who is in its cast?

Henry Cavill leads the show as Geralt of Rivia. In October, Netflix made its first glimpse of the series by wearing a luscious gray wig. you people should see their look.

Freya Ellen (The War of the Worlds), who will play Queen, Carrie, Princess of Jody May (Game of Thrones) and Princess of Queen Levi (Nightfall, Snatch). Anya Shlotra will play the role of the powerful sorceress (and Garrett Love Interest) Yanfer, whom Netflix has recently featured in some new images. Actors who are engaged in it are Björn Hlinur Harorsen, Sean Dole, Mimi Nivedini, Therika Wilson-Reid, and Millie Brady.


All about The Witcher

It is unclear whether The Witcher’s books have been adapted for the series by Schmidt Hisrich or where the action will take place, but it is rumored that this first series will focus on the original short story collection The Last Wish.

Meanwhile, a brief synonym of Netflix makes it clear that the series will quickly focus on Geralt (Cavill), Giri (Alan) and Yennefer (Shalotra) as they occupy a devilish world.

“When fate hurts [Geralt] toward a young princess with a powerful sorceress and a dangerous secret, the three must learn to navigate an increasingly unstable continent together,” the description reads.