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When Is The Serpent Season 2 Coming Out?

The Serpent is an eight-part limited series based on authentic events co-produced from Netflix and BBC One which has been at the top of the TV charts because it debuted on April 2, 2021. This has led many readers to ponder if the next setup will arrive about the streaming agency this year.

The critically acclaimed sequential drama features The Mauritanian and The Looming Tower celebrity Tahar Rahim as the titular character in what could only be described as a must-watch offence miniseries. The series also features stellar performances from Jenna Coleman, Billy Howle, Ellie Bamber, Mathilde Warnier, Tim McInnerny, and Damon Herriman. The costume design and places are all on point, resulting in a rewarding endeavour from start to finish.

The very first run of the Netflix Original has been very well-received by fans, and most are keen to know if a different chapter is on the way. It is no surprise anyone who enjoyed the fun first set of entries is inquisitive to know when The Serpent season two will probably be coming out soon.

What Is The Serpent About?

The Serpent Season 2

The series is set in the 1970s and follows the infamous Eurasian serial killer Charles Sobhraj as he gets his way drugging and killing unsuspecting travellers for their money and passports. The one thing he loves more than murdering is having the ability to always escape any circumstance. Whether it be arrest or prison, nobody could contain him.

The show jumps across time to tell its enthralling story and targets not just the murderer but also his partners, including his lover Marie-Andree Leclerc. It took the efforts of several people around the world led by a Dutch diplomat in Thailand to finally spend the Serpent down, and the show shows how it went down in a glorious manner.

When Is The Serpent Season 2 Coming Out?

The first season ends by unveiling that Sobhraj is still presently serving time, indicating the whole story was covered in the initial iteration. Unless he escapes again or any other significant revelation comes to existence, it doesn’t look like there is going into the second season of The Serpent.

It is likely that the show could develop into an anthology series and concentrate on another killer with a similar MO, but that sounds somewhat doubtful. There are an opportunity another outing could serve as a docuseries about the events that are extraordinary, but so far there are no plans for any sort of The Serpent season 2 in this time, and it doesn’t seem like another chapter could arrive in 2021.

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