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When is The Old Guard Releasing On Netflix? Know More About it

The online streaming giant, Netflix already had some success with the original films during the corona-virus lockdown with their recently released Extraction becoming the streaming platform’s most watched film ever.

And now for the fans of Netflix another big-budget film led by a big star is on it’s way, with Charlize Theron who is very much set to star in The Old Guard.

This is a new superhero movie which is based on the graphic nivel of the very same name. The movie centres on a warrior named as Andy who will be played by Theron.

He leads a group of apparently immortal tight-knit mercenaries who all have been protecting the mortal world for many centuries.

But, after the team is tasked with an emergency mission, then their extraordinary secret abilities are exposed or opened to the whole world. 

So, it all falls to Andy and his new recruit Nile to help eliminate the threat of those who were wishing to replicate and monetise their power.

Now according to the official plot recap, ‘It is gritty, grounded, and action-packed story which also shows living forever is very hard than it looks’.

The Old Guard

Release Date

This movie is ready to be released on 10th July 2020. The fans of the actor might have been waiting for something like this for a very long time. According to the story, we think that they will love this kind of concept.


We know that Charlize Theron will be seen in the movie playing the main character of it. There will be more with him including Kiki Layne , Harry Melling and Chiwetel Ejifor. All of them have worked in a good memorable project before this movie.

Is There A Trailer?

Yes, there is a trailer which has been released by the officials. The trailer for the movie is on the official Netflix site.

 The fans can also watch it in the social media platforms like YouTube.



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