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When is The Nest on TV? Who’s in the cast and what’s it about




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A Glasgow-based TV series is coming to the TV. BAFTA winner writes the series for Three Girls and Royal Television Society winner, Nicole Taylor. The Nest will be a five-part series, as is announced. The Nest is a story about a wealthy couple who hires a teenage girl to be their surrogate. It is an emotional drama which showcases that money can buy anything. It shows the turmoil that goes on in the life of people we do not think about.

Martin Compston and Sophie Rundle will be the lead in the series. They will be playing the wealthy couple, Dan and Emily, who looks for a womb for their child. Mirren Mack, who is new to the industry, will play the role of the teenage girl, Kaya, who accepts to be a surrogate for the couple.

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In addition to the three above, there will also be Shirley Henderson, Katie Leung, David Hayman, James Harkness, Bailey Patrick, Fiona Bell, Kate Dickie, Samuel Small, and Paul Brannigan. These actors and actresses are known for their role in Stan and Ollie, Chimerica, Fisherman’s Friends, Wild rose, Good Omens, Shetland, Game of Thrones, again Game of Thrones and Under the Skin, respectively.


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So what’s the story about?

Dan and Emily are happily married and live in Glasgow. They are a wealthy couple and have everything that one can dream of. The couple is trying to have children for years now, but they did not succeed.

Dan and Emily stumble upon a teenager, Kaya, who is willing to lend them her womb for their child. In other words, surrogacy. Kaya lives at the end of the town and has a precarious life. It is unclear how she met the couple — not much information is available about the 18-year-old.

The Nest will be thrilling to watch as the couple brings in a strange girl into their happy lives. The production of The Nest began in September. Trailer is not out yet, and the release dates are still uncertain.

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