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When is Life on TV? Who is in the cast Life a story and what’s it about?




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Writers, Doctor Foster creator, Mike Bartlett, Roanna Benn, and Jude Liknaitzky from the Drama Republic, and Ben Irving of BBC One came together to give LIFE a story.

The TV series LIFE is being co-produced by Kate Crowther, Iain Forsyth, Jane Pollard, and Kate Hewitt. LIFE will be a six-part drama, with each episode being an hour long.

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LIFE is a story about a Manchester house. The house is subdivided into separate flats. There are four different storylines for each of the four flats residents. The residents are Gail and Henry, David and Kelly, Belle and Maya, and Hannah and Liam.

The stories of each of them are connected by the trial of overcoming the isolation and meeting new people. It is about stepping out of your comfort zone.

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All of the residents have secrets and desires of their own.

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The cast for LIFE includes Alison Steadman and Peter Davidson as Gail and Henry, Adrian Lester, and Rachel Stirling as David and Kelly, Victoria Hamilton, and Erin Kellyman as Belle and Maya, and Melissa Johns and Joshua James as Hannah and Liam. Gavin and Alison Steadman are the leads in the drama.

Gail is a 70-year-old whose life turns upside down due to some incident. David begins to question his relationship with his wife, Kelly. He meets Saira, who is played by Anita, on holidays. Belle is a pilates teacher who has to look after her niece, Maya.

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Melissa Johns, as Hannah is pregnant in the series. Liam is her boyfriend. Hannah’s former partner, Andy, played by Calvin Demba, is a big competition for Liam.
Elaine Paige and Susannah Fielding will also star in the drama.

Ben Irving had something to say about the series. He said that the cast of LIFE is exceptional in all sense. It is challenging to bring together such different characters. Irving is impressed by Mike Bartlett’s script. Irving further says that the drama is a rollercoaster ride. The viewers will experience all sorts of feelings when watching the show.

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Trailer for the drama is not out yet, and the release date is still unknown. It speculated that the show would air in mid-2020.

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