What’s wrong with Dan gaining power?


The history of democracy is the history of power, not the acquisition of power, but its refusal. In America, revolutionaries were very careful not to replace one tyrant with another, giving the new leader the weakest and most passive title.

“President” is the person who presides over the meeting. The Prime Minister holds an equal position in the Westminster system. The “first minister” only heads the cabinet. And even the founder of the Roman Empire himself always tried not to call himself emperor.

Instead, he simply referred to himself as “the prince.” Again, this is literally “the first of its kind.” All of this may sound obvious or esoteric, but some lessons can be learned easily.

If the Roman emperors were so powerful that they were afraid to watch, Victoria’s prime minister might have had to be a little wary.

Granting special powers to the prime minister could be as effective against Covid as Rome is against Gaul, not to mention each other. But this is not the case. The theoretical principle of democracy is that the people run the government, not the other way around.

This is a convoluted, complex compromise that, ideally, everyone is unhappy with, but instead continues to live their lives. The problem with Andrews’ approach is that, since there is no better word, it dictates that there is a common good and every citizen must follow or face the consequences.

Victoria has always lacked in her approach to COVID-19, and this firm stance seems to grow stronger as the goal gets further and further. And that’s oddly confusing about the Victoria Parliament bill. This is a great answer to a growing problem.

Increasing the number of shots, removing blockages, wrestling or fatigue, Covid is a rope boxer. The crisis ends with the decline of the disease itself or the depletion of the will of the people.

Dare I say this includes the crazy opponents of paraffin who swallow AstraZeneca and keep Australia laughing, spreading fears and misinformation about what is arguably the greatest massive scientific achievement in modern history.

When we were all locked in our homes and begging for ransom from a bunch of crazy people, we all did nothing to alleviate our collective suffering. I explained that these people should not be considered part of a decent community. Now I have to admit that I can no longer agree with myself about retrospective dates.