What You Need to Know About the Coronavirus Right Now


As illnesses rise throughout the world, governments in areas where vaccine uptake has been poor have been compelled to tighten restrictions in order to prevent the virus from spreading out of hand. Russia recorded 37,930 new COVID-19 infections in the last 24 hours on Monday, the most in a single day since the epidemic began.

On Wednesday, Poland recorded 8,361 daily COVID-19 cases and 133 fatalities, marking the largest number of new infections since late April.


The number of illnesses in Bulgaria has increased by 6,813 in the previous 24 hours, setting a new daily high as the European Union’s least vaccinated country battles a fourth wave of the epidemic.

South Korea is charting a road to eliminate COVID restrictions. South Korea launched a three-phase plan to recover from the coronavirus, with all restrictions on gatherings and distance lifted by February after reaching a goal of vaccination 70% of the country’s population over the weekend.

The Czech Republic recorded 6,274 new cases per week, nearly double the previous week’s total. The number of daily cases in Hungary increased to 3,125, the highest daily total since April. On Tuesday, Ukraine’s health minister urged more people to obtain their COVID-19 vaccinations, as coronavirus fatalities reached a day high of 734.

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The increasing epidemic in China puts vulnerable border communities to the test. Since the epidemic began 11 days ago, China has documented roughly 250 locally transmitted cases of COVID-19, with many infections occurring in isolated villages along porous international borders in the country’s northwest.

As the enormous metropolis and adjacent Hebei province ramp up their preparations for the 2022 Winter Olympics Games, China’s second COVID-19 epidemic has caused the capital Beijing to postpone its annual marathon and tighten other restrictions. According to official statistics released on Monday, China recorded 35 new domestically transmitted cases on Sunday. Between Oct. 17 and 24, 14 of the 168 cases recorded came from Beijing.

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