What we Learnt From The Trailer of “Come To Daddy”


It is not that hard to spot Elijah Wood nowadays, however, there are times when it appears as though he tumbled off the map at some point. While a great deal of us may recall to the times of Frodo and The Lord of the Rings, it’s hard not to since that was one of his most characterizing jobs, it’s significantly harder to see that he hasn’t generally aged much since then.

Come To Daddy

However, he’s gotten somewhat creepier in looks, practically like another form of Jeff Gillooly, or if nothing else the adaptation played on me, Tonya of Sebastian Stan. What we extracted from the trailer however is considerably creepier since it appears to give us sufficiently only to go on without truly exploring. But we can predict that it will undoubtedly be one very messed up that masquerades as a son attempting to become more acquainted with his dad. An innocent child at that since it’s excessively evident that his dad is somewhat crazy that doesn’t have respect for others and doesn’t stay nearby with a lot of others, at least not positively.


Come To Daddy

We cab predict that the movie is going to be a self-revelation story as Elijah Wood is looking for a bond for sure while he has no idea who his father truly is. This was known through his phone call with his mother and the awkward moments in between. His father seems to be secretive, maybe a sociopath which can be guessed through his treatment for his son.

Interestingly, the entire show is that the dad welcomed the child to his home, however, he appears to be somewhat reluctant to disclose to him why. Perhaps genuine emotions are disrupting the general flow or possibly he’s reasoning that he’s slipping for having done things, reason not sure. Its entire essence is that the child was welcomed and is by and large effectively tormented, maybe to solidify him or maybe for the dad’s delight.

It may be the case that he needs his child to take after him, finish something in his stead for another deplorable explanation that we probably won’t get the opportunity to discover until 2020.