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What To Expect From Titans Season 3

A new photograph has been released from the set of Titans season 3 – teasing the titular group’s return to Gotham City. Based on the comic book group of the same name, the show debuted on the DC Universe streaming service in 2018. Promising a grittier take, the show followed Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) as he sought to conquer the inner brothers fuelled by working with Batman (Iain Glen). Along the way, he found himself drawn into battle with the Cult of Triton and amassed a group that included Rachel Roth aka Raven (Teagan Croft), Gar Logan aka Beast Boy (Ryan Potter), and Kory Anders aka Starfire (Anna Diop). Despite several teething problems, Titans season 1 was well-received enough to warrant a sophomore outing.

Titans season 2 saw the group’s history greatly revised. Retconned as having previously existed, these erstwhile associates as Hawk (Alan Ritchson), Donna Troy (Conor Leslie), and Dove (Minka Kelly) were talented more prominent characters. They were joined by an array of newcomers that comprised Jason Todd (Curran Walters), Rose Wilson (Chelsea Zhang), and Conner (Joshua Orpin). As a result, Titans was deemed too crowded and needing spinoffs. Regardless, the series remained popular and Titans season 3 was quickly greenlit. Despite a delay resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, filming was underway since October 2020.

Posted by Walters on Instagram, a new photograph from the group has surfaced. Throughout its first two seasons, Titans told a story that ventured back and forth across the United States – occasionally defying logic as well as physics. For Titans season 3, nevertheless, it had been confirmed that the group would be centered in Gotham City. Ever since that time, an array of set photos teased the ominous locations the team would visit. From the latest, it had been revealed that the activity could spill to Gotham’s outskirts. Though filmed unbelievably in the daytime, the picture nonetheless provoked a sense of the city’s decay. Equally, it inspired intrigue regarding what (possibly dramatic) events can transpire just outside the city limits. Check it out below:

The return on Gotham has provoked a mixed reaction from fans. This mostly revolved around calls that Titans season 3 is too obsessed with Batman. That viewed was a simple one to know. After all, the series has focused on Dick Grayson’s travel to forge his own identity – one from beneath Batman’s shadow. In the Titans season 2 finale, he appeared to do precisely that. As well as placing his demons to rest, Dick finally emerged as Nightwing. The incident left Jason Todd in a similar situation, together with him supported to become Red Hood at Titans season 3. To now switch things from San Francisco into Gotham, right back in Batman’s vigilante jurisdiction, could potentially serve to undo all that developmental advancement.

Conversely, the transfer to Gotham has set up several elements which have left fans excited. Primarily, it was confirmed that these classic Bat-villains as Scarecrow would look. With Blackfire (Damaris Lewis) already promoted to a routine, that usually means the team is going to have an abundance of threats to manage. Fortunately, the Titans will equally be joined by even more new allies in its third season. Those have been verified to include Barbara Gordon (Savannah Welch) and Tim Drake (Jay Lycurgo). However, that has only furthered the sense that Titans is too reliant on introducing new characters, frequently at the cost of serving its recognized ones. Together with the filming set to conclude in June, enthusiasts will soon see how everything comes together when Titans season 3 is released on its new residence of HBO Max after this year.

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