What To Consider When Going On Holiday With Your Friends

What To Consider When Going On Holiday With Your Friends

When you’re thinking of going on holiday with a group of friends, there will be a range of different points you should consider. For example, do any of you have any healthcare concerns that you should be aware of and do any of you have insurance? Here are a few points to get you started.

The Destination Itself

Of course, the first major thing that you will need to think about comes in the form of where you will be going. This is something that should be decided as a group, as you will have plenty of choices to think about. Think about if you want a holiday in a hot climate, or cold, as this will help narrow down almost half the planet.

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Similarly, you should consider what time of year you wish to go, and when you would all be free to do so. It can be difficult to find this time, which is why you should plan this way ahead of time, even a year before in some cases, to book the time off work.

Sleeping Arrangements

Once you know where you’re going, you will need to think about where you are all going to sleep, whether that’s in a shared cottage or a hotel. Hotels could be more expensive as you pay per room, whereas in shared homes you usually pay for the whole place, which can bring the cost down when you have more people coming to the trip.

Don’t Take On All The Responsibilities

If you’re the one who has started organising the trip, you should consider spreading this responsibility out to other members. That’s because it could overstress you, leaving you to not look forward to the trip, due to the added pressure.

If there are more of you involved with the planning stage and the execution of the holiday, then there’s more of a chance that nothing will get missed. Taking it all alone increases that risk.

Budget Together

For you and your friends to have the best time possible on holiday, you will most likely need to have money to be able to spend on activities, food, accommodation and transport. That’s why it will be important for you all to budget the holiday together, and ensure you stick to it.

Budgeting together allows you to break down each day, and find how much you could spend, whilst also allowing for some overflow. It will depend on how long you are gone for, and what you currently have planned, but it will benefit the whole group to understand their financial capabilities.

Find Ways To Save Costs

Even with a budget in place, it can be difficult to not get carried away when you’re on the holiday itself. That’s why it will benefit you to try and find ways to save on costs both before the holiday and during.

You could do this by limiting your spending cap each day, or pre-booking certain activities ahead of time. These activities could come with a discount for prebooking, or save you stress on the day by running around looking for extra tickets.

Another way to save cost is to use a sim only plan for your phone. This means you will preload your phone with exactly what you need, with the minutes, texts and data chosen by you that you can top up monthly at a much better rate than a normal deal. This will not only help you save money, but it will help you know your limitations, with knowing how much you need to spend and can use.

There will be more creative ways for you to save money together too. For example, there will be plenty of different referral schemes you could sign up for. Let’s say you decided to use the sim only plan as mentioned above. You could choose to purchase from Lebara, which offer a refer a friend scheme, which allows you to earn money for people who sign up for a link you use. When a group of friends going on a holiday use a scheme like this, it can help bring in much needed extra funds for the holiday.

Another way to save costs is to take on small jobs when on holiday if you’re there for an extended time. Some holiday providers will connect you with organisations that offer labour work for a few hours each week, or other types of work. Whilst no one wants to work on a holiday, it can help you to afford a holiday, and reduce the overall costs.

Packing Together

It may be a good idea for you guys to pack together. Packing together will help to save space overall, as you can coordinate what you bring. For example, it’s highly unlikely that you will need to bring two hairdryers, so you can coordinate with someone to bring just one. This can be used for a variety of different utensils and equipment, even down to the clothes.

If you’re going abroad by plane, you may have to pay for luggage and pay even more for heavier luggage. That’s why it’s a good idea to pack as light as possible, with the potential of even just taking things onto the plane via carry-on. If possible, you and a friend could also share the same case, as another way to bring down costs.

Packing together is also a way of planning your holiday, as you can pack clothes for certain activities, or even bring your comforts. It’s also another way of building up hype for the holiday, as you feel like it’s getting closer and becoming more real.

Doing Things You All Enjoy

When you go on the holiday itself, it will be important that you find activities that everyone will enjoy. This will be easier in smaller groups or with just one other person, but it will also depend on shared interests.

For example, it could be that one of you wants to experience a cultural holiday, whilst the other wants to experience a party atmosphere. In some cases, you can combine both with picking a destination that allows for cultural times during the day, and a party time at night.

It’s also worth knowing that clubbing holidays have been reinvented all across Europe, meaning there is usually something for everyone in these types of holidays. Consider sitting down with your friend or group of friends to ensure everyone has a say in the activities, and that there will be at least one thing that someone is looking forward to.

Creating A Plan

For that reason and all the reasons outlined above, it will be a good idea for you to create an overall holiday plan. This plan should contain information about how to get from each other’s home to the airport, car or train. This could include planning taxis or booking minivans to get you together, or simply looking into other means of transport.

The plan will also need to have a checklist for everyone, for important documents such as passports, tickets and activity information. The checklist may also include hygiene things such as toothbrushes and deodorants. There will be things that you can purchase during your holiday, but it will be easier for you to plan ahead of time.