What the delay of Morbius means for Venom 2?

What the delay of Morbius means for Venom 2

With Morbius and other Sony titles getting delayed, will Venom 2 be the next property from the studio to get a release date adjustment?

Sony has delayed a number of movies because of the latest corona virus pandemic, including its Marvel film Morbius, which likely means that venom 2 is also going to be pushed back as well. starring Jared Leto as the titular living vamp, Morbius was supposed to be the next entry in Sony Marvel Universe. Initially set for a July 31, 2020 release date, Morbius has now been pushed back to March 19 2021 and that could have a knock-on effect on the studio’s other big comic book movie release of 2020.


Venom 2 Morbius Release Date

Venom 2

Alongside the movie, Morbius, Sony also had plans to debut Venom 2 this year. While a release date was never made official, its long been expected that Venom 2 will hit the theatres on Oct 2 2020, which Sony have staked out for an Untitled Sony, leaving little room for it to be anything other than the sequel of 2018’s Venom, especially since the Tom Hardy movie has already started production. However, with Morbius being delayed alongside a number of Sony’s other films due to impact of the corona virus, things do not look good for Venom 2.

Venom 2 Morbius Release Date

At this point, it feels inevitable that Venom 2 will be delayed as well. Unlike Venom 2, Morbius had already started its marketing campaign, which emphasized that original July 2020 release date.

If Sony productions was willing to take such a drastic release date shift for the title with marketing like Morbius, which strongly showcased its MCU connections to hype it up even more, then the upcoming sequel of Venom, which hasn’t even released so much as an official promo image, is surely going to get moved as well.