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What made Zack Snyder stop watching Justice League Theatrical Releas.

It is no secret to us that the 2017 film ” Justice League ” of the DCEU ( DC extended universes) had a troubled production history. Its script and photography went through some drastic changes before and during the production, however, the most crucial change that occurred was the change in directors.

This led to the theatrical release of a version that was speculated to be markedly different from how the film has been conceived during pre-production and principal photography. Most of the changes were pointed out to be leaning towards the negative direction than to the previous installments of the DCEU, ” Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice” and ” Suicide Squad”.

Even though Justice League was being made under the direction of Zack Snyder, he had to step down in May of 2017, during post-production, following a family tragedy. At that point Joss Whedon took over, somehow completing the film and earning the title of an uncredited director. Whedon went through the pre-production and added a brighter tone along with more humor to the film, thereby cutting the runtime down to 120 minutes by the mandate from Warner Bros.

Needless to say with the unfortunate events that followed during the production with the change of directors and the script and photography, Justice League was a commercial failure and was greeted with mixed reviews from both the audience and critics. Moreover, it made the Warner Bros rethink about their decision and the future of DCEU.

During an interview, filmmaker Zack Snyder confessed that he hasn’t seen the final cut of Justice League, ” People who I trust and who have seen the theatrical cut and the true cut have advised me to never watch it.” Thus when the details about the film’s troubled production surfaced, some expressed interest in the idea of releasing an alternative cut that would be more relevant to Synder’s version. Fans are yet to receive a response from Warner Bros.



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