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What is Samsung’s Samsung Galaxy Note 20/ Note 11 going to be Like?




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A lot say about technology to get into the Galaxy Note 11, or Note 20, phone. New phones are always better than old phones, aren’t they? So it is surprising to know that the Note 20 may have less storage than its predecessor, 128GB instead of 256GB.

We have also recently heard that the Galaxy Note 20, which will not launch until August 2020, will have the final curved display. New patents discovered by Patent Mobile reveal a waterfall display with buttons stretched through the screen glass. 

While there is no guarantee that this design will ever end in the retail products, it is interesting that this means that Samsung phones will have a glass instead of the metal frames.

This may sound good, but what about durability?

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However, as it may indicate a return to the microSD card slot. This may also reduce the entry price.

The patent is another variant that was recently granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office, which instead featured a curved display with touch buttons, as we saw in the Huawei Mate 30 Pro.

There is no doubt that Samsung is experimenting with both approaches, and the best work can be seen in Note 20 or later Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Meanwhile, we can draw some more concrete conclusions about the Note 20 from Samsung’s February Galaxy S20 launch – and one of them may be the fact that the Galaxy Note 20 is not there at all.

Samsung has grown so much in the line-up with a larger model, beautifying a huge 6.7-inch screen with the new S20 Ultra (pictured below), that will leave you wondering if yet another Samsung phablet is needed. 

This comes with a sleek S. Pen It is not that in the past, rumors have not surfaced that the days of the Galaxy Note are being numbered as the two major lines continue to grow closer to each other.

But, in our opinion, the Galaxy S20 Ultra is much bigger right now, and the smaller, cheaper Galaxy S20 is – for now, at least – what you want. So perhaps this leaves room for some fine-tuning in the upcoming Galaxy Note series.

The Galaxy S-series will make it through the Note 20 – you can also replace the Note 11 on the Note 20, following in the footsteps of the S-Series here.

For example, there is a 120Hz display and quad-lens camera that includes a 108Mp sensor, and both can be seen in the next note (certainly not the standard version if Pro). Samsung has also killed the headphone jack and the dedicated Bixby button, so don’t expect to cut later this year.

This is followed by a sophisticated design with 8K video recording, enhanced camera features, increased battery capacity, and slimmer bezels. 

There is also a new processor, with the Snapdragon 865 ensuring that 5G is possible on all versions of the phone (you can buy the 4G version of the entry-level S20, but until the Note 20G launch 5G is more widespread Will. Expect everyone to make the grade for Note 20.

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