What Is Going To Be In The Ozark Season 4? Will Jonah Become The Killer?

The Ozark Season 4 Updates: The fourth season of this famous show could definitely be o the cards following the success of their third season. Now the fans are having a lot of questions and the first is that Will Jonah become the killer in the upcoming part?

The fourth season of the show is now looking likely for the online streaming giant Netflix the cliff-hanger ending which saw that Wendy and Marty Byrde officially join Omar Navarro. Then their son Jonah has also grown much closer to their inner circle of this cartel. The behaviour analyst Nick Davies has also spoken exclusively to some of the sources about whether Jonah has all the traits to become a killer in the fourth season of the show.

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Will He become A Killer?

Jonah Byrde was very much familiar with the dangerous Navarro Cartel from the first season of the show, as he was also very eager to find out more about how the whole cartel system worked.

Then after these, he ended up watching videos on his computer which showed the cartel torturing some people, and then he developed an understanding of the world of money laundering.

Ozark Season 4 Detail

FBI versus the Byrdes Ozark Season 4

Jonah also helped his dad Marty to ‘clean’ some of the cartel money that they took over The Ozarks, and then he has continued to develop a dark side of his. He also held cartel lawyer Helen Pierce at a gunpoint and then he was left full of anger and also rage having found out his mother for his uncle Ben Davis to be killed.

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Nick Davis also said that there were surely some indicators showing Jonah would also become a gang leader in the upcoming season of the show.

Then in one of the season, we also see that Jonah refuses to sign a form which shows his support for the ban of drugs, as he knows well that his family is involved with the drug trafficking.

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