What Can Fans Expect From Gentefied Season 2?

Gentefied Season 2

We are just 3 months into 2021, so we really shouldn’t be rushing the year, but in regards to TV, we can not help it. Any fan knows the faster the months fly by, the faster they can start in on a new season of their favourite show. However, how long are fans of Netflix original Gentefied-that the comedy-drama based on a Mexican-American household -going to have to wait to see Gentefied period two? To be honest, it’s up in the air.

Filming began in February, as declared by Netflix’s Con Todo Twitter account. But in the era of COVID, a start to filming doesn’t mean production will not be postponed by virus-related issues.

Hopefully, this will not be the case but, based on What’s On Netflix, it’s best to prepare for, at minimum, a late 2021 release or at worst an early 2022 premiere to look forward to in the new year.

Fans can also look ahead to America Ferrera’s yield to the directing chair for season 2 of Gentefied. The star actress, who executive produces the series, chose to Instagram the day before filming started to express her enthusiasm for what is to come.

What Can Fans Expect From Gentefied Season 2?

Prove founders Linda Yvette Chávez and Marvin Lemus took to Twitter after pitching season 2 to Netflix.

It’s an apt description considering where Gentefied season one left off.

Even though the Morales family was welcoming Erik’s newborn kid into their fold, Pop has been picked up by ICE with no knowledge. Mama Fina’s, the family company, was barely pulling causing a rift between Ana and Yessika. Chris finally has the chance to go to culinary school but between the restaurant and his loved ones, he might not be able to go. And of course, Mama Fina’s is dangerously close to being turned into a themed pop-up location.

The lovers and the Morales are certainly in for a lot in Gentefied season 2, whenever it happens to arrive!


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