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What Are Some Things That Have Been Pushing the Stimulus Check Up?

It is no secret that the IRS paid out a jaw-dropping 169 million dollars as part of the third stimulus check payment. Close to 2 million people received $1,400 in July! But there are several legislators who want more payments for themselves and others – which means recurring paychecks until this flu epidemic comes around… right? So far federal government has shown little interest when it comes down giving another round fundings; however many Americans may just be waiting anxiously by their mailbox with resignation because at least then they can get back on track financially again.

Need For Another Stimulus check

Overall, the federal government has managed to send out a stimulus check payment of $3200 in aid relief and economic security for eligible adults who were affected by coronavirus. The first payment came with an amount set at 1,200 dollars as part of Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security Act passed back in 2020; it was followed by 600 more provided through December’s measure– putting this all together totals up 4500$. Despite these financial assistance stipulations put forward through President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan signed March 2021 which sent 500.


The current spread of the Delta variant has also brought forth new economic sufferings, with around 25% percent not being able to pay for their household expenses in the previous week- which was reported by a recent Census data that polled individuals just before they died or left home.

As it stands now there is an unemployment rate over 5%. This number may seem higher than what you would expect but this counts people who are too sick and bedridden from working; I’m sure many more could get up if given some encouragement!

The latest news about the economy is that it’s doing worse than expected. Unemployment has risen to 9% and there are more people without jobs now than ever before- over 8 million! The federal benefits expired for these unemployed workers, which means their enhanced employment package was wiped out too; this includes $5 billion in weekly payments sent right back into circulation as stimulus checks.

It seems like every time everything starts looking up around town (even if only slightly), disaster strikes again – but thankfully those disasters will soon be over since Congress recently voted on legislation extending emergency unemployment compensation through December 31st 2011. 

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