Wetworld Major Storyline Twist Ranked So Far


This is to bring the fans online to explore Westworld: Every major Plot Twists so far ranked. The series remains one of the most thought-provoking and most thrilling shows still airing on the Television.

A lot of the buzz surrounding the shows relate to their many intricate plot twists. The audiences love to dissect the show’s carefully planned and their shocking twists and their far-reaching ramifications.



With their season 3 about to be released, the fans should be bracing themselves for plenty more twists. 

In the days leading up to their new season, now is the perfect time to look back at the biggest and one of the best plot twists.

William Is Seen Killing His Daughter

There was always a great deal of darkness in William, but then it seemed like his daughter Emily was the person who was safe from it. 

William crossed that line in the penultimate episode of their second season as he killed his daughter.

Ford’s Coming Back


Just as it seemed like that the character Ford was truly gone forever, but he returned unexpectedly. Ford was still dead, but his consciousness had been uploaded to the Cradle before he was even dead.

As then Bernard discovered that Ford’s consciousness in the Cradle, Ford played a very crucial role in helping Bernard and also the other hosts.

Maeve Do Not Leave

As she became more aware of her reality, she worked tirelessly in the first season to escape into the real world.

After her so much of careful planning, and also all the hard choices and sacrifices, Maeve finally made it to the train that would take her outside of the place where she was there.


The most satisfying twist of the second season came with the character those who worked on the show dubbed ‘Halores’. She is the ruthless Charlotte Hale finally got what was coming to her.

Bernard had built a host that looked like Charlotte, but it contained the consciousness of Dolores. This was the character known as Halores.