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Westworld’: Some Hit Questions From the Season 3

“Westworld” spectators, bring yourselves back online.

 That’s good, everyone’s outstanding deeply complex, deeply into violent HBO sequel is back, and this moment, Dolores and her tiny posse of hosts have escaped into the actual world and are glancing to eradicate the human race for causing so much discomfort and suffering on them in the park.


What has Dolores been up to since Season 2?

She establishes herself a different boyfriend, how cute! Taking off from the monosyllabic cowboy variety to this new, nerdy techie is an option, but as ever with Dolores, real love isn’t really what she’s glancing for out of this connection. She attempts to kidnap her recent sweetie at the end of the episode to take out data from him but is occupied by some corporate goons rather. After they realize that deadly injections don’t work so well on announcers, a bloody massacre ensues, and there are no awards for thinking who comes away from it recently single and glancing as steely and murderous as ever.

What’s different about the future Los Angeles and the world in general?

There are some recent fancy vehicles, Santa Monica has limited more skyscrapers, but other than that the town is completely recognizable. MacArthur Park gives a common backdrop for the thrilling shootout ending, and Hotel Indigo in downtown is yet taking off powerful. All-around, the Los Angeles of “Westworld” realizes much nearer to the new town than it does to the eerily dark metropolis of “Blade Runner.” In periods of the world in widespread, there’s a modern app on the demand, used by Aaron Paul’s Caleb, which is virtually Uber but for crime, and forthcoming parties look fresh wild.

Is Ashley Stubbs truly a host? Where will Maeve be brought back online? Where’s the Man in Black at?

OK, that’s three questions, but they are everything left unanswered by the edge of Episode 1.

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