Westworld Season 3:*Spoiler Alert * Who is going to die in the upcoming season? Here is what we find out from the commencing titles


HBO’s gripping and complicated sci-fi collection, Westworld season 3’s new commencing titles are full of intriguing. It suggests to us about what to expect from the relaxation of the season. 

So, Let’s take a closer take look at Westworld season 3’s commencing titles for clues. 

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The first and foremost new addition to Westworld season 3’s commencing titles is Rehoboam. It is a 

highly superior AI super-brain created with the aid of a tech business enterprise referred to as Incite, which Dolores become investigating in the season premiere. Named after the primary king of Judah, Rehoboam is designed to guide citizens down an ideal path. 

 Rehoboam also plots matters out on a grander scale, from climate change to city planning. Rehoboam is marketed as the answer to all of humanity’s issues and has ended up the crutch upon which society now rests. Dolores can also take advantage of this by way of kicking that crutch out from underneath humanity… Or by way of taking manipulate of it.

The Eagle And The Engine

Also, a number of the new imagery in Westworld season 3’s beginning titles is an artificially built eagle flying in the wake of a jet engine. As its frame starts evolved to disintegrate from the heat. Westworld’s establishing titles have repeatedly featured circular sources of mild that resemble the sun; the outlet motif has usually been what looks like a sun growing over the horizon. Also in 

Season 2’s establishing titles we have observed the Vitruvian guy a halo of light and confirmed the Man in Black’s hat falling into mild. This time the eagle is proven flying into the heart of the jet engine, which first resembles a solar eclipse, and then the sun at full electricity.

Symbolically this will be interpreted as literal enlightenment. In other terms it represents

Dolores’ search for self-actualization and the Man in Black’s search for deeper that means to the park.

The Drowning Host

A sturdy walking subject matter in Westworld is that hosts and people are two halves of the identical coin. The collection has used the question of the hosts’ loose will. And their obliviousness to the loops that they are stuck in to. 

With Dolores now in the outside world and reading Rehoboam and its management of human beings’ lives, this line of questioning is certain to come again round in season 3. The beginning titles show what seems to be numbered swimming to the surface of deep water. 

The moment in which the two touch fingers looks as if a clear nod to Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam, symbolizing that in preference to the hosts being created through a god, they are now developing themselves.

Following the host breaks the floor of the water, however, we observe it settling again. Elements of its human face raise away to reveal the gadget underneath, and its fingers start to collapse within the identical manner as the eagle. If the host expresses Dolores and her venture to claim the arena for robots, then this establishing suggests that matters will go wrong for her in Westworld season 3.

The Vitruvian Man In Red

From all the changes we have seen in the three seasons of the show, one thing is common. the Vitruvian guy sinking into the fluid. But in the third season, there are multiple variations of it. 

First and maximum thrilling is the fact that in contrast to preceding seasons wherein the host had a face. This time around it is a drone host – certainly one of Delos’ mindless employee bees. 

Co-creator and executive producer of the HBO series Lisa Joy explained that “the Vitruvian man changed into intended to symbolically represent both humans and hosts. Both are lashed to the wheel of a system they don’t completely understand, which controls their lives.”

Someone is going to die in the upcoming season

The deteriorating eagle, the drowning host, and The Vitruvian Man In Red all appear like effective omens of departure.

Nevertheless, all the signs in these opening titles point to at least one major individual death. And we guess the candidate is none other than Dolores.