Westworld Season 3: Who is in Charlotte Hale’s Body?

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Westworld season 3, so far, seems to be direct without any baffling sequences like season 2. Beware, there are still some mysteries lurking around. Like, who is the inhabitant in Charlotte Hale’s body?

Previously, in the last season, Dolores had obtained five control units before venturing into the real world. Out of which one is Bernard who starts this season in his own body. Does that leave us with four more?

Who is in Charlotte Hale’s Body in Westworld Season 3?

Who is in Charlotte Hale's Body in Westworld Season 3
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‘Westworld’ Season 3 TV show premiere, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA – 05 Mar 2020

So far we know that two control units have replaced real human bodies. Of which one is in the body of Martin Connells, who is the security chief at Incite Ltd. Others went inside of Charlotte Hale’s body, created by Bernard in season 2. Still, we don’t know the identity of those control units, their original conscience.

The suspense behind those control units also called “pearls” hasn’t yet been revealed. Though in the current episode, we got to familiarise ourselves with the new “Charlotte Hale “.

This encounter has brought forward certain clues to uncover his or her real identity. The person whoever they may be is familiar with Dolores and seem to have her trust. That definitely narrows down the list of people. The new “Charlotte Hale”, seems to have similar mannerisms as that of  Dolores’ father.

It is definitely not Mauve since she is preoccupied with Serac. Other than these two, Teddy and Angela are the only options that come to my mind. But, Angela killed herself and Teddy ventured out himself.

Also, the clues left to us are too vague to speculate. Maybe, it is Teddy or Angela, if Dolores somehow copied their pearl before both of them went in their own directions. It is good as anybody’s guess for now.

We will have to wait for more clues, to ascertain our speculations.


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