A fresh trailer for HBO’s widely watched third season, making a debut on 15th of March exposes a significant hypothesis that fans have suspected since the time they initially observed Aaron Paul looking a bit sad in the initials teasers. While fans at first guessed that the season 3 of Westworld will at present happen in a reproduced reality, the trailer vigorously recommends that isn’t the situation. The previous hosts of the Westworld park are starting a robot uprising in the genuine, physical world.

Along with all the drones that can be seen all around and smooth vehicles suggestive of the Tesla Cybertruck, Westworld’s third season is occurring fundamentally in reality, explicitly, a future Los Angeles. As Dolores collaborates with a desolate man, Caleb played by Aaron Paul, Dolores sets off an android uprising to win opportunity for her sort.

This transformation will pit Dolores against Charlotte, played by Tessa Thompson, whose organization finances a fearsome new weapon against the androids: A goliath cracking mecha! It has the words Mob Control engraved on its sides and it looks magnificent and startling. The amount you need to wager this mecha will be the thing to tear out Dolores’ appendages just as she is seen slithering on the ground with her left arm covered with blood.

But didn’t Tessa Thompson get supplanted with a Host toward the finish of its second season? This show is as befuddling as ever, be that as it may, ideally, when it starts things will turn out to be somewhat increasingly clear.

However, saying this doesn’t imply that Westworld won’t ever occur in another park. As recently affirmed and found in the new trailer, Maev ends up in a World War II park displayed after extremist Italy. A shot in the trailer shows Maeve fleeing in period apparel, away from Nazi troopers.