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Who is in Charlotte Hale's Body in Westworld Season 3

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Michael Buckner/Variety/Shutterstock (10575355eh) Tessa Thompson 'Westworld' Season 3 TV show premiere, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 05 Mar 2020

In the series Westworld season 3, the hosts have now escaped into the very real world, but the actress Tessa Thompson says  that they won’t like what they finds outside the park.

The actress has some bleak news for the escaped hosts in the third season of Westworld. The show has also taken a radical shift in their third season with the bulk of action now which is set towards outside of the park for the first time ever. Evan Rachel Wood’s Dolores is now still on her path and also now a fully fledged enemy of the state with her growing list of allies and assets while Bernard has also been framed for the massacre at the park and Maeve also finds herself at the mercy of the new addition of the show.


The latest episode of the series unveiled one of the unseen parks, Warworld, to go along with the already has been revealed Westworld, Shogunworld and also the Raj alongside a surprise cameo hinting at some other currently unnamed park.

That park and also one last mysterious one will be shown before too long as the creator of the show Lisa Joy, and Jonathan Nolan both have promised that all the other remaining parks will also be seen before the end of the Westworld 3. Then in the meanwhile, Dolores and also the other escaped hosts are very quickly learning that the outside world is not too different from the parks where they were built.

In the HBO, Thompson who plays Delos executive and now the secret hosts are Charlotte Hale, and with her is Thandie Newton who also discussed how the real world subverts the hosts expectations. Then the actress also puts in most by saying that the host of the show have the idea that they both want to get out of the park to find the freedom and then they both get into the real world and they have to ask how free it really is.

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