Westworld Season 3 Release Date, Artists, Trailers and more than


For there is hardly any information out there. That’s for the best. The turns and twists of the HBO show are legendary in this time, and nothing is what it seems.

However, we have been digging through teasers, mysterious sites, and panel following panel to deliver you all you want to learn about Westworld’s return, such as a Westworld year 3 launch date, posters, three (!) The lowdown on the cast, and trailers, and a couple of new faces.


With Game of Thrones Westworld period 3 plans to take the mantle as the series Sunday, you are going to be speaking about each.

And your travel starts here. They are from this playground, they are out of control, and also the temptations are on the brink of perplexing and confusing us each week April come.

So, now’s a fantastic time to brush up on everything Westworld, even though some things do not seem like anything else at all… for now. Or do they?

Westworld season 3 launch date

No launch date yet, despite SDCC went having been. This may be any time, although it places to get a date in 2020.

Nevertheless, season two proved in April and using a Game of Thrones-sized gap to match in its schedule, it is likely HBO will utilize Westworld season 3 to fill that slot, which generally runs from April to May, and might even extend in the summer months. That is much all unconfirmed, and also the very first season doesn’t rule out a much longer wait.

Additionally, it is worth pointing out that, alongside the Westworld period 3 launch date being MIA, we do not have an incident count. Both seasons featured 10 episodes so it may follow the same blueprint.

Westworld year 3 trailer

You would be forgiven for believing it’d be some time before we clapped eyes but maybe not so with the period of Westworld not returning until a period in 2020.

HBO took good advantage of the fact that pretty much everybody tuned in to see the Game of Thrones finale and aired the initial Westworld year 3 trailer shortly before incident 6 began.

It reveals little, although you can watch the Westworld teaser for your self over. The focus would be on a character played with Breaking the Aaron Paul who narrates the trailer of Bad.

“Sometimes it looks like the entire world appears fine like they have placed a coating of paint on it,” Paul says in a voiceover. “But inside it is rotting to pieces”

The Westworld trailer reveals Paul’s character going about his regular life – work, seeing family, engaging in what seems suspiciously like offense – all set to the soundtrack of Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon, and it is not until the last few minutes we get a fantastic look at the one and only Dolores.

She does not seem in a way that is fantastic and we are gambling that is going to get hauled into her universe.

Westworld year 3 cast

The Westworld period 3 casting news is that the Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad has united Caleb, as a series regular, and that he would be the most fascinating accession of the show.

Paul (who stated throughout the SDCC panel he’s a”psycho lover” of this series”) will probably be attached to Big Bad, Dolores during the entire year, and she may even mellow due to it.

Evan Rachel Wood, for her part, told the SDCC viewers who”Her interactions [Caleb] type of creating her challenge her assumptions about humankind.”

Aaron Paul’s personality could have a robot puppy is right down as a series regular and, interestingly enough.

He will be joined by additional novices Master of None celebrity Lena Waithe, Scott Mescudi (aka rapper Kid Cudi), and former NFL player Marshawn Lynch, who appears at the teaser trailer as part of Paul’s team.

As for additional new Westworld year 3 cast members, Deadline has also reported that French actor Vincent Cassel, that you may recognize from Dark Swan and Ocean’s Twelve, will play with a new villain.

That is, of course, unconfirmed, however, Thandie Newton said off-hand in the SDCC panel through filming which she talked. Could they’re sharing scenes?

In terms of coming cast members that are Westworld, we all know Evan Rachel Wood is going to soon be back as Jeffrey and Dolores Wright as Bernard given where we left him.

However, some other recognizable faces have been verified for season, which might surprise you and may count as small spoilers, so be certain to would like to understand before reading.

Westworld season 3 episode count

The Westworld season 3 episode count was verified, and you may be somewhat frustrated. Rather than its usual batch of 10 episodes, an eight-episode run, as supported by HBO will be kicked off by April 2020.