Westworld Season 3 Ratings Got Down From Last Season


The ratings for the season 3 premiere of HBO’s Westworld were down 57% from the second season. Back in 2016, the first season of the sci-fi drama based on Michael Crichton’s 1973 movie took the viewers on a mind-bending ride through a futuristic theme park where super-realistic robot “hosts” interacted sometimes violently with human guests.

The first season of the show proved to be a big hit for HBO, even though the show left many of the viewers confused with its twisty plot and heavy themes. The season two then took the fans on an even wilder ride as showrunners J. Nolan and Lisa Joy fragmented the story into multiple overlapping timelines in a deliberate attempt to stay one step ahead of fan theorists.

The third season’s first episode indeed showed Dolores beginning her real-world rampage while setting up a future relationship between the host and the new human character Caleb Nichols. Unfortunately, the episode to pull in big numbers for HBO as, per Variety, the third season premiere was down 57% from the first episode of the second season.

A reported 900000 people have watched the show’s live broadcast, down from the 2.1 million who tuned in for the second season premiere. Overall, the show drew 1.7 million viewers across all the platforms of HBO, a slight uptick from June 2018’s season 2 finale which drew 1.6 million.

The third season premiere did benefit from leaving the Westworld park environment and exploring the futuristic world outside, and the character of Paul Caleb looks like he could be a refreshing addition to the cast. Of course, intriguing returning characters Maeve, William and Charlotte will also figure into the action along the way. It is entirely possible though that Westworld has simply run its course as a phenomenon and is not a show that will manage a long Game of Thrones like run for HBO.