Westworld Season 3: Major things you need to know


Westworld is a 2016 action-based Tv Series. In a futuristic Western-themed amusement park, Westworld, the visitors interact with automatons. However, all hell breaks loose when the robots begin malfunctioning. The show has got two seasons in its name and the third one is also on the way. It is good news for the fans because almost 94 percent of the viewers have liked the show till now. This means that the show is a massive hit. The first episode got its release on 2nd October 2016.

A brand new season is just around the corner.

When is it releasing?

The TV series is all set to bring in a new season in Hbo and the dates are also confirmed by the officials. The good news is that the show will be back sooner than we had thought. March 15th, 2020 is the date for the release. Stay tight folks!!! It has been almost two years after the release of the second season. HBO had announced the release date along with a teaser too.

Casts of the third season

We are going to have Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores, Thandie Newton as Maeve, Ed Harris as the Man in Black, Jeffrey Wright as Bernard, Tessa Thompson as Charlotte, and Luke Hemsworth as Stubbs.

There might be new characters in season 3. But it is still too early to predict them. As we come closer to the release date, our questions might be answered.

The plot of the season

Not much is known about the plot. We know from season 1 about the park ‘Westworld.’ and we expect season 3 to be based outside the park.

Nolan has hinted that they might have a season 4 & 5 on the cards as well. So if the script is going to be loose ended for season 3, we might be left on a cliffhanger.

Let us hope the best for the entire team and wish them luck for their upcoming show.


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