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Westworld Season 3 gets good futuristic gadgets and technology

The third season of Westworld is back in HBO, and the premiere showed off a bounty of new electronics. Here is everything we have spotted and how it relates to real-world technology.

After a hiatus for two years, Westworld is back for its third season, and so far, all the action takes place outside of the park, with a glimpse of what our world might be in the year 2058. Watching Dolores, Charlotte and Bernard navigating the real world, I was struck by the thoughtful depiction of the technology. Some shows and films sometimes often miss the mark when it comes to predicting the future but Westworld takes a minority report like approach and envisions the world populated with devices a generation or two from what we use now.


Here are some of the interesting gadgets from the first episode, and their real-world influences.

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