Westworld Season 3 gets good futuristic gadgets and technology


The third season of Westworld is back in HBO, and the premiere showed off a bounty of new electronics. Here is everything we have spotted and how it relates to real-world technology.

After a hiatus for two years, Westworld is back for its third season, and so far, all the action takes place outside of the park, with a glimpse of what our world might be in the year 2058. Watching Dolores, Charlotte and Bernard navigating the real world, I was struck by the thoughtful depiction of the technology. Some shows and films sometimes often miss the mark when it comes to predicting the future but Westworld takes a minority report like approach and envisions the world populated with devices a generation or two from what we use now.

Here are some of the interesting gadgets from the first episode, and their real-world influences.

  • Smart pills: also known as wafers. This gadget has been seen in the first episode when the characters were seen digesting it. once by Jerry before bed, and another time by Caleb’s mom in a hospital bed. Electronics inside the human body is not anything new, but a small pill is.
  • Muting another person talking: hale mutes a person who is speaking. Whether or not the muted person has an implant, we can see from the controls in the boardroom table that there is some sort of noise cancellation that can be used for each person’s seat.
  • Log and camera blocker: the character of Lena Waithe shows off a tiny box that looks like a portable battery charger for your phone. When it is turned on, it prevents people from being logged or filmed. It can also turn off police car sirens and play music overall nearby speakers and headphones. How effective they are is another matter.