Westworld Season 3 All the Unanswered Questions


Westworld will be back in March on HBO & Sky Atlantic. The critically applauded show has been out of action for the past a year and a half. 

So the audience lets brushup what happened in the dystopic world with the mysterious ending of season 2.

1. Who was rescued by Dolores from the Fallen Park?

Dolores escaped out by being disguised in a host copy of Charlotte’s body and taking 5 memory pearls.

So, the host data she has will help her to establish a staging ground in the human world.

Knowing Dolores has an occasional sentimental stint; it seems that the real Peter Abernathy is part of ranks. (any guess !?)

2. Is Teddy Alive?

After being reconfigured by Dolores, Teddy took his own life after being traumatized while being led through his old memories.

Dolores sent Teddy to the Valley Beyond as an act of mercy, but no other hosts when there.

So, that means Teddy missed the mass migration and was given a forced punishment of eternity solitude.

3. Did the hosts survive in The Valley Beyond?

The hosts existed as a code value in artificial space following walking through the rift of the valley beyond but their bodies were deactivated.

She erased the left space from the Forge; forming an eternal paradise. But, we don’t know if Dolores is gathering this data to form a military.

4. Will Delos come back alive from the catastrophe?

Given the excessive destruction of technology and human losses; what the condition Delos will be is the subject in season 3.

Knowing the outrageous amount of money game; the witness and survivors will assuring feed off to stay silent; letting the Shogun world arise anew from ashes.

5. What’s the master plan of Robert Ford?

Robert Ford is one of the biggest parables of the Westworld. Ford programmed Dolores and Bernard but both have locked horns due to clash in ideologies.

Why he died, what was he aiming to accomplish?

Did Robert’s experiment failed since he allowed the programmed hosts with free will.?

6. Should we hope for Maeve?

Maeve’s will was the striking feature of season 2. She is tested when her daughter Clementine escapes the Valley of Beyond with a substitute mother, citing her as a complex character.

Let’s pray Maeve makes another genius break as we see her in the trailer.

7. Are more hosts secretly ‘human’?

The twist in the Westworld is the blurred edge between hosts and humans.

The story of William made him question his humanity, inferring he was a host.

It occurs that hosts were disguised as a human to work in Delos.

Did Robert die? 

We can only, wait as time will give the answers.