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Westworld Season 2 on HBO has Multiple Endings

The third season of Westworld is right around the corner and you have been keeping up with the trailers then you have probably been asking yourself some questions lately- namely: what the hell happened in the last season and what is going on exactly?

How did a show about robotic cowboys turn into something that looks and feels like a mashup of Blade Runner and the Dark Knight? What happened to the favorite characters to get them into this mess?

Well, don’t panic guys. We both have found ourselves in the same boat.

We broke down each moment of the third season’s final trailer and then turned our attention to the past, poring over every moment of the last season to try and piece together exactly what had happened to each of our favorites. It was a little confusing.

But never fear, we pressed on, took some rigorous notes, and did our best to reassemble the out of order events of Bernard’s scrambled memories.

The revelation of Delos that he had been stealing information on every guest to ever set foot in the park- using the cowboy hats as brain scanners, no less – dovetailed into an even bigger revelation that the plan for the park all along had been to turn guests stolen guest information, but could create any number of host bodies to install them into.

However, Delos quickly learned that turning a human into a host was more complicated than just uploading their brain wave patterns into a computer and, as far as we know and despite rigorous testing, they never quite cracked the code in any situation.

Well, let us hope the best for the whole team of the show. We wish them all the best for their upcoming show and hope that the fans love them.




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