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Westworld References that JURASSIC PARK Exists In The Show’s Creation

Here we have some of the Westworld clues that JURASSIC PARK survives in the exhibit’s universe, The newest episode of Westworld indicates that a version of Jurassic Park might live in their universe, gratitude to the Game of Thrones showrunners.

The freshest episode of Westworld included an unexpected Game of Thrones crossover, and also recommended that the Park exists or is at least being produced in the identical universe as well. Westworld’s third season brings the hosts outside the network of park realities. Dolores made many hosts with her to the external world to take vengeance out on humanity.

The clues which shows that JURASSIC PARK exists


In Westworld season 3, episode 2, “The Winter Line,” Bernard moves back to see for Maeve. During Bernard’s research, he steps through a floor of Delos technicians, operating on animatronics while they wait for layoffs. 

The clues which shows that JURASSIC PARK exists

This Westword/Game of Thrones crossover is surprising enough, though, the show also used the cameos to tease the occurrence of Jurassic Park. D. B. Weiss’s technician mentions he proposes to sell the dragon to a start-up in Costa Rica. In Jurassic Park, the fictional island where John Hammond sets the park is off the Costa Rican coast. This island is also the house to the dinosaurs of the reboot order Jurassic World. 

The Westworld version of the park would be pretty different. The dinosaurs are produced in the park to live through genetically altered frog DNA, not robotics. Nevertheless, in the future timeline of Westworld, it does a bunch of taste for a Jurassic Park-like attraction to open up. Still, though the Westworld uprising was horrifying, it hasn’t ended Delos from continuing operations. 

The clues which shows that JURASSIC PARK exists -02

The presence of the Park in Westworld is fun to believe, especially because of how both arise from the thought of Michael Crichton. Crichton wrote and delivered the original Westworld film in 1973, and addressed the novel with same name in 1990. 




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