West World Season 3 Might Explore These 5 Mysteries


1. The Man in the past of Black

Last season we found out about William’s union with Juliet, his rough association with his little girl and that dreadful ‘or recolor on his spirit.

It would seem that we’ll be returning considerably further in Season 3. 


Someone set up certain pieces together and made sense of an entertainer who was thrown for the job of the Man in Black’s mother and she shows up in a similar scene as the aunt of Jimmi Simpson’s.

2. Backstory of Caleb

There’s an on-screen character recorded as ‘Young Caleb’ for Season 3 in IMBD listings. 

Presently, IMDB postings can be changed and refreshed by anybody, so maybe this ought to be thought about while considering other factors.

In any case, if it’s precise, this could infer we’ll be finding out about Caleb’s past through flashbacks. and at one point in time, in any event, it shows up he’s not a host.

3. Is the “new world”= future world?

Probably the greatest hypothesis coasting around right presently has to do with Futureworld, the setting for the 1976 continuation of Westworld. 

It’s conceivable, and a touch of marvelous, to think about that Dolores has gotten away Westworld just to accidentally wind up in another park.

4. Dolores and the pearls

This’ll surely be tended to in Season 3, however right currently it’s perhaps the greatest riddle. Whose consciousnesses did Dolores complete of the recreation center with her is a question. 

It can’t be Teddy since he was transferred to the Valley Beyond. Angela is a plausibility, and she’d been one of Dolores’ devoted adherents, with the goal that tracks.

It’s darn close ensured that one of them was her dad. One may have been Bernard, however, she probably won’t have required a pearl to reproduce him.

It’d be fascinating if she completed William’s information with her; somebody probably had enough data about him to make a host rendition, and Dolores might’ve begun the procedure.

5. Lee Sizemore’s resurrection

Another intriguing goody to gather from ongoing official statements is the way that Simon Quarterman, the on-screen character who played the role of being as a sole writer now becoming a not so bad person Lee Sizemore, is as yet recorded as showing up in the new season.

One would think if Sizemore was truly and dead, Quarterman’s name wouldn’t be referenced, all things considered, there’s been no notice of Ben Barnes or James Mardsen.