Website Footer Design: 5 Reasons Why Business Site Fails


Did you know that almost all businesses these days have a website? Why? Because of the fact that online search has been a phenomenon. People are using the Internet to look for things (products or services) they really want. So, you need to prioritize having a website if you are a business startup or a struggling business organization. For sure, you can have more biz opportunities along the way.

Does it mean hiring a web design agency is helpful? Yes, it is. You should hire a legit and credible website design company to help you in creating a perfect and converting website. Take note that online marketing has been at an alarming rate for years now. This has become a reality since the advent of the Internet. This has become a fact as more people use the web to look for solutions to their problems or issues. Therefore, you have to prioritize having a business website.


Make sure that the website footer design is created in a great and professional way. You have to keep in mind that your business won’t be able to attract more leads when your footer design is poor. This is one of the reasons why your business may fail. This blog post will try to give you more facts and information as to why a biz site may fail. So, continue to read this blog article for you to be enlightened. This is through this way where you can bring your brand to the next level.

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Why does a business website fail?

Reasons are cited below.

You forget that simplicity is the main key

When your website design is too complicated, it will lead your business to suffer from drawbacks and setbacks. One clear setback is your website may lose those leads who must be attracted to try your offers. Most people don’t want complex things. This principle is applicable to your website. The design of the header and footer should never be complex because it can trigger more problems.

Testing the users is advised for the purpose of ensuring that website design meets their needs. The visual components and textual content should be based on the demands of the target users. Don’t attempt to put too complicated animations and videos because it won’t in any way contribute positively. What you basically need is a simple website design. Simplicity is a rule of thumb. It must not be taken for granted because if so, it is not then favorable to your business operation.

You should avoid having a cluttered presentation of text and visual elements. Otherwise, your website will lose its full potential to bring your business to the top. Remember that there is a tight competition in your chosen business category. You are not alone as a business organization. In other words, there are a lot of companies trying to be on top. Your company is just one of those competing strongly. Your website plays a vital role for success. By having a website, you can simply hit your business goals and objectives.

You forget your audiences or target customers.

Your focus is too much on your company and business, and you forget the idea that your focus must be on the welfare and satisfaction of the customers. Yes, you are doing business and, of course, it is your main goal to make money. Profiting from your venture is not that easy, more particularly if your website design is very inclined towards hyping the content related to your brand and company. Don’t talk too much about your company and the related offers. Instead, create stories which the customers can relate to. Convey stories which can make people really happy.

If you are biased on your own company, there can be a skewed approach as to the conveyance of facts and information. To avoid shortcomings that are triggered by the tendency of focusing much on your company, you need to pay attention to the experience that the customers must have. User experience should be prioritized. What does it mean? Pay close attention to the UX and UI designs. This is the best way which can bring your brand to the next level.

As much as possible, you should add fresh content related to your brand every now and then. This is an approach which is so interesting and can help your business grow. Your main goal is to increase the number of people who will visit your website. This is about the ways to be executed for the purpose of increasing website traffic. The more people to visit and use your site, the more chances of enjoying more business opportunities. It can be translated into an increase in sales and revenues.

Take note that your business website is more than an online store/shopping cart. What does it imply? It just simply means that your website should be considered by the customers as an outlet where they can get effective solutions. This is a venue where you can attract more potential customers. But it can only be attained when you avoid focusing on your own company. Instead, make sure to provide what is being needed by the customers. This is the essence of branding, a method by which a strong connection between your brand and customers is built.

You forget the idea about “user friendliness”

The responsiveness of your website depends on your design, particularly the header and footer designs. The implication is quite simple. It is a requirement to make sure that the users of your site will appreciate your website, more specifically its content. Every site visitor definitely looks for relevant and useful content. They are using the Internet for the purpose of gaining knowledge about the solution to their problems. They are eager to get information which can help them solve their problems.

The target customers are actually expecting that you can provide them with what they basically need in terms of information and content. This is their primary goal which you need to address. Through this way, you can have a great chance of going to the next level as a business entity. So, you need the help of a credible and reliable digital marketing company that offers website-related services. Don’t do it (to design a website) yourself. You need a qualified and capacitated agency which can manage and handle your entire web project.

Every time a visitor uses your site, he or she must be able to learn the main focus of your business. It means the retention level of the customers is just ephemeral or short-lived. It usually takes the maximum of 10 seconds for a potential customer to decide whether or not they will retain on your site. So, don’t bury the most important information down below. If possible, your Homepage should contain those details and facts the users are looking for. That when they read such a web page, they will abruptly understand what you are trying to sell as a brand.

Being too generic is not good for your website at all. Avoid this one. This is a rule of thumb which you must not digress. Follow this rule or else you will suffer from its possible consequences. By doing this, rest assured that you can bring your business to the next level. So, the hired website agency must focus their attention on making a customer-centered website. Assessing the problems of the customers prior to the creation of a website is important. Doing this can pave the way for your business to stand out strongly.

You forget that your goals must be measurable

This is another culprit as to why a business website may fail. You forget the idea that your website must be measurable. Gauging the performance of your biz site is very important for the sake of strengthening your business performance. This is through this approach where you can have a wonderful opportunity of competing strongly. Don’t allow your site to be created in a way that you cannot quantify the statistical figures. That is why hiring a legit and credible website development company is highly recommended.

There are tools for website analytics. What does it mean? To know the real measures pertinent to your site performance, all you need is a particular proven tool, like Google Analytics. Reading the numbers (visitors, bouncing rates, retention rates, etc.) is quite necessary for the purpose of having great results. Be reminded that in today’s business context, everything is on the Internet. Buying commodities and services is prevalent on the web. This is the simplest reason as to how you can achieve your goals and objectives.

There are a lot of numbers which you should comprehend deeply vis-a-vis your goal of having a sustainable business operation. Your website is a weapon which your business can’t thrive without. Thriving in business means having more leads and conversions. Converting leads is quite challenging but given the fact that you have the right digital tools and platforms, hitting your goal to achieve success is quite doable. What you should prioritize to make your business really flourishing is to hire the right company to spearhead your web design project.

According to Denis Pakhaliuk, CEO of Ramotion, “Ensuring that your website design, most especially the website footer design, is created in a user-focused manner is quite important. You can’t win the tight competition in business when your website can’t function well based on the needs of the users. All you need is just one thing. Make sure that all customers will be happy. This is the only thing which you need to focus on for your investment to reap massive growth and success.

You forget the importance of mobile search

Nowadays, there are more than 3 billion users of smartphones and other smart devices. Look at this number! So amazing, right? The implication is that you should target those mobile dependents for your business to stand out. You cannot win the tight competition if you neglect this strategy. Going mobile is a rule of thumb. It is a must-follow guideline that has a deep significant value like the preceding must-do things explained in this blog post.

Your business website should be mobile friendly. A mobile friendly site is one which can attract more users of mobile Internet. Keep in mind that you can have more chances of converting more sales when you have more leads. Those people who are using smartphones and smart devices, take note of this, should be part of the target market that you have to focus on. By going mobile, there are a lot of opportunities in business to come your way. So, it is suggested by website experts to be mobile.

Being mobile is a great solution if you are a struggling business owner. Somehow, you abandon the idea that tapping those mobile web users is the right thing to do. Beating your competitors can be done effectively when you have the best mobile website. In other words, mobile marketing should be part of the overall website design plan and strategy.


Now is the right time for you to bring your company to the top of the competition line. Make sure to hire the right website development company. One of the companies you can hire today is Ramotion. They have world-class website designers, developers, and digital marketers.

By investing in a website, there is a great assurance that you can tap your potential market successfully. Hitting a competitive edge is essential as far as attracting leads and converting them are concerned. To avoid your business website from failing, you need to forget all the culprits as to why a biz website may fail.