Taylor Swift’s Current Boyfriend

Taylor Swift’s Current Boyfriend

Joe Alwyn, an actor and supermodel, is Taylor Swift’s present lover and probable inspiration.

The couple have already been engaged since at least the autumn of 2016, sometime after Swift’s former boyfriend, Tom Hiddleston, broke up with her

Alwyn had barely 3,000 Twitter followers before the news of his relationship with Taylor Swift leaked, and he used them only to advertise “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk.” Despite having over 200,000 followers

To safeguard their anonymity, Swift would go on meetings with him until wearing a wig.

Before appearing in Ang Lee’s 2016 obey to “Life of Pi,” Alwyn worked in London’s theatrical scene for a few years.

It was expected being an Oscar candidate as a war parody, but that all altered when reviewers saw it.


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