We summon the darkness – Ultimate Review Of This Series

We Summon the darkness

We summon the darkness is an American Horror Movie that was first released on 28 February 2019 at the Mammoth Film Festival. The movie is a work of Marc Meyers’s direction and Alan Trezza was behind the writing of this not-so-great story. Talking about the movie, the film stars Alexandra Daddario as the main protagocnist and mainly the show revolves around him.

Other than him, there are  Keean Johnson, Maddie Hasson, Amy Forsyth, Logan Miller, Austin Swift, and Johnny Knoxville. There are mixed feelings regarding this movie and in this article, we will be talking about the series in brief. If you are interested in this movie and want to know everything about it then read this article till the end. We will be covering everything about this movie in detail, Keep reading. 

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We Summon the Darkness – What Do You Need to Know?

We Summon the darkness

The horror series was first aired on 28 February 2019 and after that, the demand for the movie was raised and it was released on April 10, 2020. The movie revolves around three best friends who are chased by the serial killer. 

The show is not up to the mark as you thought it would be. The story of We summon the darkness is rather boring and will not excite you. The story is rather predictable than being full of suspense. Although, there are many people who love this movie the movie is not that hit. It was not able to earn that much money and badly got hit at the box office. 

We Summon the Darkness – Is There Will Be Any Sequel?

We summon the darkness

The movie is not as great as the creators expected it to be. The sequel of this movie is not confirmed. There is nothing officially released about the We Summon the Darkness sequel. 

But according to the bad reviews and ratings of this show, I don’t really think that the series will ever get a sequel of this movie. 

The creators have not really announced anything about the sequel so there is no doubt that it will never happen. Also, there is no hype for this movie because the fanbase of this movie is not that much. 

If there will be anything released about this movie then I’ll let you know. 

We Summon the Darkness – Who Is the Cast of This Movie?

we summon the darkness

The movie stars Alexandra Daddario, who is popular in her work in Baywatch. She is the female lead of the movie. Keean Johnson is the main protagonist of this story and the male lead of the show.

Other than them, there are other main characters in this movie. I have mentioned the other cast members in the show.

  • Starting the main, Alexandra Daddario as Alexis Butler
  • Secondly, Keean Johnson is seen as Mark
  • Maddie Hasson cast as Val
  • Amy Forsyth as Beverly
  • Logan Miller is act asKovacs
  • Austin Swift as Ivan
  • Johnny Knoxville as John Henry Butler
  • Allison McAtee is cast as Susan
  • Tanner Beard as Sheriff Dembrowski
  • Stephanie Moroz as Female Reporter
  • Harry Nelken as Crusty Cashier

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We Summon the Darkness – Is It Available on Netflix?

The movie is available on Netflix and if you want to watch it then you can go there. The popular online streaming platform has tons of web series, TV series, movies, anime, and animation movies to entertain people all over the world. If horror movies are something that excites you then you should check this one. You might like it but according to me, it’s just a waste of 1hr 30 min.  

What Are the Ratings of This Movie?

The ratings of this show are badly criticized by the critics. But, wait this is not the end. We have seen that there are many movies that don’t go as per the expectations of the critics but the audience likes them a lot. Well, if you are an active reader of web series and movies then you would know what I am actually trying to say. 

Nevertheless, this movie is badly rated by not only the critics but by the people also. Starting with the IMDb rating which is 5.2/10 of this movie. The rotten tomatoes of this show are only 69%. The Metacritic have rated We summon the darkness with only 55%. 

Coming to the Audience rating summary, the people have voted this show with only 2.5 stars in this category. 

Furthermore, the audience has said that this movie was Boring and the acting of the actors was also really bad. The movie was also predictable and there is no suspense in it. 

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Final words

We summon the darkness is a horror movie which is released back in 2019. The movie was released with hype but it ends with getting flopped. The people don’t like it very much. The critics and the people have rated this show below than normal rating. The movie has not announced whether there will be the second part of it or not. But the movie ended on a satisfactory note and there is no need to start another story when it originally ended. 

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