‘We Christmas’: Netflix Series can’t compete with Hallmark when it comes to the romcom

In late 2017, Netflix published A Christmas Prince, a romantic comedy so popular it spawned two sequels, memes and a jokey, in case menacing, a tweet by the firm: “To the 53 people who have watched A Christmas Prince every day for the last 18 times: Who hurt you?” The urge for seasonal content seems endless.
The system’s 2018 film, ” The Christmas Chronicles, attracted 20 million streams in its opening week.
Netflix has planned. Besides some Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby, productions like the Knight Before Christmas, Holiday at the Wild, Let It Snow, Klaus and Home For Christmas will all premiere before the end of the year.
However, for all its own spending, Netflix has not the hope of cornering the Christmas rom-com market. For now, that stays the domain of entirely Hallmark. Hallmark lacks the prestige of Netflix.
During Christmas 2017, roughly 82 million people saw one of the channel’s Christmas comedies.
The majority of these offerings have the same structure: a woman, trapped in a corporate city occupation, is forced to return to her childhood home.
This is usually in a rural town.
There might be a farm included. There will surely be possibly or a sweetheart a widower that is charming to be wooed.
There will be carols church snow. The couple could be married by the end of the film. Sex is not, ever, said; the collection will kiss 17 while declaring their love.
They may hold hands If it’s a specific generation. 40 movies will be released by hallmark this season at the end of December.
“We have Christmas,” Michelle Vicary, Hallmark’s Executive Vice President of programming advised E Online in 2017.
“We’re going to perform it in a bigger way and a far better way and speak to the spirit of the year I don’t think any of our opponents do.
” The rote predictability of those offerings of Hallmark brings mockery but the guarantee of a happy ending is part of the allure of their business.
Bob Abbott, Hallmark’s CEO, has described the station as a”safe place, a suburban area” in an industry that is”beyond the point of edgy”. Lasting obstacles aren’t struck by his channel’s couples. Hawking happiness is not a novel concept, but it is appealing — the cinematic equivalent of comfort food.
Hallmark views Lifetime because of its rival, but Netflix’s rally has been noticed by the company to Christmas.
“Netflix is investing quite a lot of cash in posts,” Mr. Abbott said in 2018, according to The Hollywood Reporter.