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Waukesha Parade Crash Suspect Emotionless as Officers Tried to Stop Him

Waukesha Parade Crash Suspect Emotionless as Officers Tried to Stop Him

Suspect for Waukesha Crash Emotionless

Immediately before the SUV Barrel to the crowd At least one police officer said in a parade march and pedestrian number on Sunday in Walkisha, Wisconsin, that the driver had “no emotions” on his face while trying to slow him down. ..

According to a criminal complaint filed in the Wakisha County Circuit, six people were killed and another 62 were injured in a subsequent crash. The youngest victim to die was only eight years old, According to his family GoFundMe..More than 12 people are admitted to a nearby children’s hospital, According to the Wisconsin Children’s Hospital, three were released on Tuesday.


Darrell E. Brooks, 39, was later arrested by police and Formally billed According to the Warkisha District Attorney’s Office, five intentional murders occurred once on Tuesday. Prosecutors said they would consider additional murder charges after a sixth person died on Tuesday due to an injury.

Several police officers at the Walkisha police station tried to get a driver. Suspected by authorities According to complaints, becoming Brooks, stopping or turning when you come to the parade route.

A police officer identified as Detective Casey first heard the horn ringing near his location along the parade route. When Casey went to investigate, he saw a red Ford Escape SUV driving past parade participants, and complained, “I saw people jump out of the way.” according to.

At the time, the SUV complained that it was moving at low speed, and Casey hit the hood of the car, shouting “stop” many times. The SUV squeezed Casey and headed for the procession.

Casey complained that he chased the car on foot as the car began to drive faster, and sent it wirelessly for assistance. A few seconds later, other reports of people being attacked by vehicles arrived via police radio.

According to the complaint, another officer identified as a Batlin officer also tried to get out in front of the SUV and shouted to the driver, “Stop, stop the car.” Police officers estimated that the vehicle was moving at about 25 mph.

“Officer Butrin observed the driver looking straight ahead, but there seemed to be no emotion on his face,” the complaint said.

The SUV passed through Butrin, at which point it speeded up until the vehicle reached the intersection, where it appeared to stop, the complaint said.

“The vehicle then appeared to be accelerating rapidly as Officer Butrin heard the tires barking,” the complaint said. “At this point, it was clear to Officer Butrin that this was a deliberate act of striking and hurting as many people as possible.”

Butrin said he saw the vehicle driving in a zigzag pattern and saw “objects and objects” flying.

According to the complaint, one witness said, “It seemed that the SUV was trying to avoid the vehicle, not the person. The vehicle never tried to stop and did not slow down.”

After witnessing an SUV running over a person, another police officer identified in a complaint that Police Officer Scholten hurriedly shot the car and hit it three times. Authorities do not believe it was fired from the vehicle, Wokisha police chief Dan Thompson said on Sunday.

Brooks sought help from a stranger

After Brooks escaped from the scene, he Asked a stranger for help According to the Warkisha residents, he said he was homeless.

24-year-old Daniel Ryder told CNN that he didn’t know what had happened when he heard the doorbell ring at home on Sunday.

The man, identified by authorities as Brooks, was homeless and asked for the rider’s help, saying he needed to borrow a phone to call Uber. The rider said Brooks wasn’t wearing shoes and only wore a T-shirt on cold days, so he believed in him and allowed him into the house.

“He was pretty upset,” Ryder said of Brooks, but said he was polite during their encounter. The rider made Brooks a sandwich and had him borrow a jacket while using the phone.

A few minutes later, the rider noticed the police moving back and forth on the street and felt it had something to do with Brooks, so the rider asked him to go out. The two were outside when Brooks spoke on the phone and the rider said a nearby neighbor had reported the situation to him.

The rider then went to Brooks and asked him to get his phone and jacket back, he said, and Brooks responded. The rider entered the house and locked the door.

Shortly thereafter, Brooks began to “pound the door,” the rider said, claiming to leave the ID inside. The rider refused it and told him to look for it. After a while, police arrived and arrested Brooks.

The rider said Brooks had called his mother to have Uber to pick him up. “Uber appeared probably a minute after being detained,” Rider said. “So I sometimes wonder what would have happened if he got in the car.”

Brooks’ bail is set at $ 5 million after his first appearance on Tuesday, and judges have cited potential flight risks.

Brooks was On bail Court documents allegedly overrun a woman who said she was the mother of a child earlier this month.

6 people died in injury

On Monday, authorities identified 5 out of 6 Killed as Virginia Sorenson, 79; LeAnna Owen, 71; Tamara Duland, 52 years old. Jane Kulich, 52; and Wilhelm Hospel, 81.

Another victim was identified as Jackson Sparks, 8 on Tuesday according to Family-confirmed GoFundMe page. It is not immediately clear whether Jackson is the sixth parade death mentioned by the prosecutor and confirmed by the Wisconsin Children’s Hospital.

“This afternoon, our beloved Jackson died sadly succumbing to his injury,” said a page update.

Two of the 16 children admitted to the Wisconsin Children’s Hospital were able to return home on Monday, the hospital said in a statement. According to the hospital, three more children returned home on Wednesday. According to the statement, a total of 10 children have been hospitalized, 5 in severe condition, 2 in normal condition and 3 in good condition.

According to his father, Don Teags, the son of a firefighter, one of the injured, has just been removed from the children’s hospital in the Wisconsin intensive care unit.

According to a news release from the Caledonian Firefighters Association, Eric Teags was marching with a marching band at Wakisha South High School when the SUV struck.

“He underwent surgery to repair a broken femur. He has been treated for other injuries, including chest tube placement, and continues to be evaluated for further complications. Unfortunately, He has a long way to go to recover. He “read the release.

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