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Waterworld 2: Will There Be A Sequel? Here Is Everything You Need To Know

Waterworld 2

Films like Waterworld have always made a revolutionary change in the cinematic world. Even though the world is set in 1996, the movie gets a lot of amazing responses from the audience. Being an amazing caret movie, the audience still praised the 1985 movie that makes a big change on them. Being a popular movie, Waterworld 2 became one of the most demanded movies of the time. 

Even though the movie received a positive response from the audience, Waterworld 2 became one of the most anticipated movies of the time. Directed by Kevin Reynolds, who is already a popular director and screenwriter. The director even received the best academy award for his amazing world in the movie.

Moreover, Peter Rader and David Twohy were the co-writer of the movie and did an amazing job in the development of the movie. After the movie was released and became an absolute hit, fans wanted to know why Waterworld 2 never actually happens?

Being a popular movie of its own time and a cult classic, there is always a need to have a Waterworld 2. Casting Kevin Costner as the main lead, the movie was something arguable became one of the kinds of 1990’s stories and became a blockbuster hit. The movie even received some critical and controversial comments from the audience but the audience loved the series. 

Waterworld: A Popular Classic Movie!

Waterworld is an American movie that follows the post-apocalyptic time and talks about the story that was originally written in 1985. The movie shows how the ice cap has completely melted that it ultimately rose up the sea level by 25,000 ft above. In the production of the movie, the creators have invested around $175 Million dollars and that was the most expensive movie that ever been created. 

Initially, the movie received a lot of controversy because of its production and the use of water that has made the movie more negotiable for the audience. 

But as the movie was released in the theatre, it started to make the audience attracted and ultimately gained a lot of profit. 

With all this around, the movie even got nominated for the two Academy Awards. After the movie gained this much popularity, the audience started to wonder if there would be anything a sequel for the movie or not. If you are someone who still waits for World War 2, then the next section is for you. 

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Waterworld 2: Is it Coming or Not?

After the first movie became a blockbuster hit, it makes the audience wonder if there would be any other part of the series. Being a popular film of Universal Pictures and a popular category, one can clearly imagine getting another movie. 

Waterworld is a fun and action classic movie that has ultimately made the fans of the 90s happy. If the creators would be thinking of renewing the movie, the fans would be delighted to hear the news. Over the past 3 decades, most classic movies are getting a sequel, which is a major reason why we can expect another part of the movie. 

One can also think by hearing about Top Gun which is now getting a sequel. The famous Tom Cruise movie that was originally released 3 decades before is getting renewed. Top Gun: Maverick has already released a sequel and fans are just excited to know about what the creators would bring after 3 decades. 

Similarly, The Waterworld 2 renewed would also bring happiness, if it ever happens. The officials have still not released any information regarding Waterworld 2. There is nothing officially announced regarding the renewal status of this movie and I don’t think we are getting anything so far. 

Waterworld was one of the most expensive movies and renewing the movie would definitely make a huge hole in the pocket of the creators. If there would be a Waterworld 2, then I’ll let you know. Keep yourself updated with all the latest entertainment news around the world through our official website, Honknews. 

Waterworld 2 Release Date: When is it releasing?

There is no official release date of the movie and the movie is not yet confirmed by the officials. So far, there is no confirmed announcement if the movie will ever happen or not. It’s been 2 decades since the movie was officially released. If there would be any Waterworld 2, it would have been released till now. 

Fans are still hoping to see the second installment of the movie which I guess isn’t possible for now. If the creator somehow managed to renew the movie with peer pressure, it would just lead to extra wastage of money. We don’t even know if the fans would still want to watch Waterworld 2 or not. 

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Waterworld 2: Why is it Cancelled?

Waterworld 2 isn’t going to happen anywhere soon. The reason behind the cancellation of the sequel of one of the most expensive movies of its own time has made the audience think. One of the main reasons why we are never going to see Waterworld 2 is because of the cost of production. 

Waterworld is considered one of the most expensive movies of its time, making the creators invest around $175 Million dollars. Even though the movie has invested so much money, it has earned a much lower profit than the creators thought it would. There is no doubt that Waterworld is one of the most expensive movies and even makes the audience love it, but its cost of something makes a huge difference. 

Creators would now rethink their own decision of rebuilding the movie all the way from stating. In 2012, there emerged a talk regarding the sequel of the movie but all the things got shut after some sort of time. 

Even the officials were seen to be discussing the movie but ultimately nothing gets concluded and the movie gets officially canceled. I don’t think that there will ever be A Waterworld 2 in the upcoming years. 

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