Watch Dogs Legion release date, News, Game-play Details and more: Everything we know so far


The Watch Dogs Legion keeps us interested in its breathtaking “play as someone” selling point. Set in the futuristic post-Brexit option, the final entry in the Watch Dogs franchise makes you your team of Dead’s agents, who you looted and gathered from a whole range of different citizens of London.

Recently Ubisoft has announced to push back the release date for Watch Dogs Legion, so it looks like we’ll just wait and see how it all goes, but it already looks like It is worth waiting. what will happen? Here is everything we know about Watch Dogs Legion so far.


Watch Dogs Release Date – When Is It arrival?

While the initial release date for Dog Dogs Legion was set for March 6, 2020, Ubisoft recently announced that it is now being pushed back and is currently slated at some point during the 2020 – 2021 fiscal year. has been done. It is done. It is done. When it officially launches, it is expected to land on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia. It will also be available through Ubisoft’s new Uplay + subscription service.

Watch Dogs Legion – You play as anyone, and everyone is different

One of the most interesting features of the One Watch Dogs Legion is that it will let you play as someone in the city of London. But many people are wondering how this will work in practice. Well, Ubisoft dropped an explainer video talking about Gamer 2019, highlighting the different types of people you’ll find, and each character has their unique creations, creations, and abilities. For example, Victor is a “chappy”, who will take less damage after applying four beers.

Beer-swilling damages immunity. Another character is shown, Sue, a top lawyer who can get your operatives out of jail, no questions asked. It seems so easy. Oh, and there is an old fellow who can die randomly at any moment. Yes, it is allowed. Each character has its own origin story and when you help them solve a problem, they join your team and become playable. With a lot of variety and a lot of potentials, it seems that Legion will be jammed with all kinds of personalities.

See Watch Dogs Army Set in London

Watch Dogs Legion


This is London, but as we know it is not. It is set in a dystopian future, where mass unemployment, an ineffective government and a new private security firm called Albion are causing riots in the streets. It is up to you to form a team of resistance fighters, preparing potential Dedsec recruits to lurk among the common people.

The Watch Dogs Legion map will cover a wide area of ​​the London area – the official website describes it as “a vast urban open-world” where you can visit many of London’s most famous destinations. It is also a high-tech London, where a variety of drones float through the air, automatic cars – and buses – are the norm, and hackers are a dozen.

London is one of the most surveyed cities in the world. Producer, Sean Badmash explains. Furthermore, the difference between its cultural background, its history, modern culture, and very old English architecture is very complex. So when we look at the cities where we can set up the game, all those elements make it stand out.

Watch Dogs Gameplay – What Do We Know So Far?

Watch Dogs Legion

As I mentioned in my Watch Dogs Legion E3 2019 preview, although hacking is still a big part of the series, this time there is a lot about building a team of hackers around it. Instead of being the central hero, you are forming a team of Dedsec agents, all of whom have joined hands with the population of London.

In an interview with Gamerdar, Sean Crux told the producers, “Watch Dogs Legion is a game about building resistance to fight a totalitarian regime that has captured London.” “In the game, you can recruit anyone you see. Anyone in the world is playable.

You can find them, see their stats and features, play their origin story, recruit them. And then form a team to fight resistance. As mentioned above, every NPC in the world of Watch Dogs Legion is a potential Dead Agent. Imagine GTA 5, but a potentially playable character pool of up to 20 agents, and even more available to switch at will and come out.

“There is a limit of 20,” the crook says, but it is only at that time. So you can turn people in and out – you will lose people. ” The Watch Dogs Legion includes Permedites, however, which is certainly another sign of the series that employs ancestors. This means that when your agent is near death, you will be given the option to surrender – and temporarily lose them in a hospital or jail.

“We have these things called team traits, which are basic traits in characters that allow you to help you when playing with a different character. Say for example that a character has a team attribute that Allows you hacking drones, you can be.

Followed by Albion, the private army in the game, and your other characters who are currently in your roster, “Oh help me Switch to the area “and they tend to give way to cars and began to hack the cameras. Even if they are eligible. Or not. Now you have the right to contribute actively in their game.

They will also chat with you. So you can play with one person for a minute, move to another character, and you will have a conversation with the previous character. This is very good. “


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